What are the FOREX winning strategies?


We all know about one thing that the money involved in FOREX trading is huge. But the process which one needs to go through is not a simple ask. If you are keen to earn money through Forex trading the most important thing is to know about every detail and trading platforms that are available. In this content, we will focus on the top 7 winning strategies of Forex trading which are given by the experts.

  • The Forex Fractal – The Forex Fractal is a very popular market fundamental that every trader needs to know before getting into Forex trading. This strategy provides you with the price info which is very essential in the Forex trading.
  • The drop and Stop Trade – The drop and Stop Trade is another popular strategy that is backed by experts where the trades savage breakouts to the downside.
  • The Pop and Stop trade – The Pop and Stop trade strategy is to determine the scope of the price that will continue in upside direction or downside direction.
  • The London Hammer Trade – This particular trading strategy is used during the London session. This is a very popular FOREX winning strategy. This strategy is to capitalize on opportunities.
  • The Blade Runner Trade – It is a very popular crossover strategy which is used by many traders in currency pairs.
    The Daily Fibonacci pivot trade – Here in this FOREX winning strategy, all the extensions and retracements which can be daily, weekly or even monthly are combined.
  • Bolly Band Bounce Trade – For a ranging Market, this Bolly Band Bounce Trade is the perfect strategy. This one of the most used trading strategy in the business of Forex.

If you are keen to earn money with Forex trading, you need to first open an account which in turn will yield you a profit. You can get information’s about Forex trading and other strategies on our site.

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