U.S. Dollar situation 2019.02

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One of the things that we can see at the charts, is that the FX market is long time already isn’t moving to nowhere. This sideways move is killing us and many other traders/ Hedge funds, by causing high volatility, because we try to earn profits. We are base on channels trading, break up and pull back and our unique set ups’, sometimes, in this period of time, it seems like nothing is working.

Look at the chart in the post, basically, at the last 10 month nothing is happened.

This low liquid is making bank’s life much more easy, to manipulate and to play with the prices.

What is causing this situation?

Major reason is, the inflation environment all over central bank is very low (historical times), by that, there is no really big interest from the investor’s side to “be in the market”, and because this low rate, people/ investors are looking for another option to gain (instead to put the money in the banks and earn 0%), and they are putting more weight, in the stock market (that making unbelievable rally at the last 10 years) real estate, and commodities investments.

This is not an excuse to the volatility at the accounts, this is our realty.

For someone that trading many years, and use to see very high ATR (average true range) at the FX market, this years are tough.

We must be patience and t is more smarts, not to be dragged to this game over and over of false breaks and false exit’s.

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