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Some say that if you try hard, you get close to what you want, but if you try harder, you get what you want, and I never wanted to achieve my goals straight away, I always wanted the RIGHT PATH, the RIGHT GUIDENCE and a real MENTOR. Because I wanted to LEARN, LEARN, LEARN and to experience the journey to SUCCESS. And after becoming a member of NYS TRADING COMMUNITY and making Mr. Oren Shibet my MENTOR , today I can proudly say that , my MENTOR , MY BROTHER OREN has walked me through that road with him , that has led me to success.
I joined NYS TRADING COMMUNITY a year ago , and got proper time and coaching from my Mentor OREN SHIBET (FOUNDER OF NYS TRADING ) and now, not only I have made tons of profits on my trading account , but also I have been able to learn a lot , in fact when I joined this community a year ago , I knew much about trading , but what turned out was that most of my previous knowledge and information about the markets was wrong or incomplete , and today , I am so much happy to say that MY BROTHER OREN has made me a TRADER.
One of favourite quotes that MR. OREN SHIBET has once said in our daily webinar when I asked him that can we trade EURO on that price ? , and I will always remember this,OREN said: We don’t trade the prices, we identify the BEHAVIOUR of the market , and trade setups in that behaviour.

Aun Shah

OREN, your energies are not enough to amaze me, your ability to deliver invaluable knowledge is simply phenomenal. Excellent review and now I also understand why you do not deal only in trade, but also takes care to take the time to transfer the knowledge to new and veterans alike. When you teach and you learned the last two years than anyone else in the capital market. Congratulations all your activities, you deserve it!!!

benjamin g. UK

“Dear Oren and NYS Team,
I have been a member for 4 months now but I have been trading FX for almost 2 years. Since I am a member I have achieved consistent gains month to month. Now I can really envisage trading as more than a hobby and perhaps more of an investment in myself. My thanks especially to Oren who is very patient with questions and a great teacher. I can honestly recommend NYS membership and hope to continue making those pips for a long time! Feel free to post my comment on your website

Simon, Spain”

“I am extremely happy to be part of this group. Mainly I like the ideas given for new overall approaches to trade entries & trade management as well as ideas for individual trades. The reasoning behind the trade ideas that was selected were well explained and gives me food for thought. This group has a clear strategy and follows strictly the technical analysis. Very consistent in conducting daily calls, learning sessions, Trading room activities make this group very professional. I am gaining knowledge and look forward to potentially profitable future. Highly recommended.” Cheers,

Ram Singapore

I am new to the group and trading forex. Oren is very patient and    responsive to all my questions within 5 minutes. He take pride in his analysis which even as a newbie I can follow, understand and make pips. I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about trading To Subscribe to his service.

Edward, Australia

To Oren and the wonderful NYS Team, I’m a part time trader from the USA.  I’ve been a member of Oren’s groups since 2009 and i never looked back. The affordable service has given me so much, from technical support to material conversation about trading and life. They say that it’s better to learn how to fish instead of receiving a fish every day. Well Oren, thank you for teaching me the technical and mental tools to catch a fish and also to cook it well, lol. Keep up the great work!

Daniel, Boca Raton, Florida

To be a part of such a group is an absolute privilege. Whether it’s a newbie or advanced trader, this is the best group anyone can start with. Being an absolute fresher to the market I have started getting better understanding about how things are moving with support and help of Oren, as he is always there to explain in person. You won’t really feel stranded anywhere. Thank you for everything

Vinita India

Glad to be a part of such an amazing group! Truly one of the most reputable, transparent, consistent service providing daily analysis, weekly analysis, mentoring, trader psychological development and signals! I strongly recommend as a Trader and partner to add this as a support tool to your trading arsenal.

Barry Canada

Hello Dear Oren

I’m almost sure that you will not recognize me..but if so i must say this words.

Beyond the experiences I have had with you and I look different meaning or trading in general and in particular the technical work I am just enjoying your work ethic. This Law This Law black or white-respect . I must admit that your unique PRICE ACTION saved my capital.

After two months of break that I had also moved out of proportion and to get to work, I knew I would return and here is my surprise I found you thankfully Colmex

So I hear these days and enjoyed everyone in the room and soon God willing, I will join for 6 month soon. Bye and take care and we’ll be in touch soon! thank you

Rusk C. Russia

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