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Hello everyone! Dear members and friends! 

Dear Friends.
It seems that only yesterday we began with you the year 2017, and now we are already at the beginning of the last quarter of the year.
This is not yet time for an annual summary, but for us, this calender year so far is perfect.
For this review we will focus on the monthly charts (the end of the September candle) and on Monday, before the opening of the London market, in the Online Room, we will focus on the weekly candles and daily candles.
September traditionally has been a difficult month for trading.
As we stated in our previous newsletter we were anxious to what the month of September would bring.
September 2016,  was the most difficult month for trading that year,  where we saw the greatest loss  of 2016 in the replication department: -6.5%
This time, 12 months on, we had the upper hand. Hell yeah!
Summary of replication department performance later in the review.
Throughout September the Market did not provide many trading opportunities. The currency market in particular did not present us with any major moves.
Oil and Gold went the opposite directions.
In recent weeks the price range has fluctuated between most of the currency pairs in a range between 150/220 points and this has made it very difficult for us to find swing trading opportunities.
What is the outlook for the Dollar over the next few weeks?
Here is a short video that explains the long term outlook of the Dollar (press on the icon) :
Press on the icon to see the video: 
Bottom line, the monthly candle (pin bar) generated in the dollar index will make it very difficult for the Greenback to continue to weaken.
At least for now – we are betting on the strengthening of the dollar in the last quarter of the year.
Recall that in the current period, before we see a trend reversal or a bearish trend continuation with another wave of a weakening dollar (as professional traders, we must always take into account all options), we will focus on daily trading and less long-term, just like we did last month.
Our role as traders is not to explain the price movement.
Our job is to identify reliable and good trading opportunities (based on a number of technical parameters that are generated on the price graph) – and to earn money. Flexibility of thinking and waiting for the right time to enter a position are very important.
The following are general updates for the coming month / holidays in October in which we will not operate (and we will also update the trading room in the morning):
5 + 6 (local holiday)
12 +13 (local holiday)
October 28 A winter shift in Europe
November 1 Halloween (will affect the last days of October).
We welcome the new members who joined us in the past month; we will continue to do our best for you!
We wish that we all have a profitable and fun October! We are here for any questions!

Here are some major charts for this week, our technical view:

*Click on the graph to enlarge it
The Euro-Dollar pair has not made it easier for us in recent weeks and we are forced to trade the pair in the range of 40-80 maximum points.
We will wait for a break in one direction, with focus at 1.1880 levels being an important test for the near future. Our Monthly view:

The trend line and the 1.3500 price level certainly stopped the great run of the British Pound.
We will probably see shuffling in the coming weeks, daily trading will be best for this pair. Our monthly view:

S&P 500 Index
What a breakthrough level of 2,500 points!
To tell the truth, last month we wanted to see 2,550 points, but in recent days we have realized how strong and optimistic the markets are during this period.
We see a strong buying recommendation towards 2,580 points. If there is a change we will update you in the daily trading room. Our monthly view:

A monthly “hammer” pattern was created by the Canadian Dollar; remember that the correlation with Oil is high. At least for now, only buying will be on the agenda. Is this a sign of US OIL’s  weakness? Our monthly view:

We are looking at sell side only for the shiny metal, traders are asking to see the $1,250 level again.
This is a very bearish signal for the Euro-Dollar. We will expand and update more in the next few days in our trading community.
Our monthly view:

The strong upward trend in Oil was over, at least for this time.
We expect that the price will again test the levels of $ 49.30 – below these price levels; under it, the price will seek the $ 45.00 levels again.
We are bearish despite the show of strength in recent days. Our monthly view:

Our view for the Australian Dollar is very similar to our stance on Gold. We are looking for a sell only for this pair, a false break in the monthly chart foreshadows that the bears have taken over the price at 0.8080 – any price movement above these levels is expected to show the trend resuming. At the moment, we will look to sell the highs as the market pulls back.
Our monthly view:

The Dollar / Yen signals strength. The 114.80 level will be an important test for the coming months.
Follow the downward trend line. At least for now, from the technical view, we have to wait and see in the next few days the direction of the break through.
Day trading will be the right approach. Our monthly view:
*We will analyze all the rest of the major assets tomorrow (Monday) during the weekly review in the online room:
Such as: AUS/USD, USD/ CAD, USD/ JPY, NASDAQ, DOW JONES, FACEBOOK, EUR/AUD, GBP/JPY, And much more, (also upon members request for specific assets).

Our performance for the past month:

Our signals (our trades based on the signals that we are sending via the NYS Trading App)

The Signal Department ended the last month with a slight profit after a very complex month.
We tried everything, almost nothing worked. Shuffling the price in a very short range of 150/200 points greatly made it difficult for us to provide deals for a long time and we had to work really hard to provide suitable buying or selling structures. They did not work either.
We are happy. Finish with easy profit is always better than losing.
In October too, we will strive to achieve our weekly goal together with many of the many “Trade ideas” that we will send.

Copy/ Mirror accounts for members

In the portfolio management department (copy), the last month for us was just wonderful.
We started with a small minus of almost two percent down, and from there we climbed all the way up to + 12.55% yield, times 3 the target we set for ourselves for September!
And we’ve crossed the 200% threshold this year!
0 decrease from the original fund in January!
This is the last quarter of the year. We will continue to focus on the monthly results.

Thank you for the confidence that you give at us month after month, year after year.

September final 2017:

Click on the graph to enlarge it

Press here to learn more about our copy/ mirror service (let us trade for you – now it’s easier).

Total 2017 (so far):

January 23.24%+ (Our max drawdown was -4.5% at first week of January)
February 7.71% + (Our max drawdown was -0.9% at first week of February)
March   8.45% + (Our max drawdown was 0% )
April 45.33% + (Our max drawdown was -20.50% during April)
May 11.52% + (Our max drawdown was -14.00% during May)
June 18.39% + (Our max drawdown was -12.25% during June)
July 4.98% + (Our max drawdown was 0%)
August 9.85% + (Our max drawdown was -10%)
September 12.55% + (Our max drawdown was -1.64%)

Total 2017 so far: 205.66%+ 

*We are managing over $642K for our members, live accounts, with different brokers (FX Pro, Pepperstone, Oanda and more).

This coming Week/ Month goals

For each week, we’ll stick with the most popular targets, 100+ pips for our signals (we will not say no if the market will give more).
And between 3%+ – 5%+ yield target per month for replicating portfolios.
New members, please feel free to ask us questions during the week
You can always contact us regarding any question via phone or email.
We wish for all of our members, friends and clients to have a great month with great profits!
Cheers! NYS Trading Team
*There are no App texts on Sat. + Sun

REMEMBER! Trading is all about education and self –discipline. Once you master both, you become a profitable trader and it is our task to bring you there.
Please contact us via our email or WhatsApp and we will contact you back at short time with all the info and the relevant details.
Nys Trading Team
WhatsApp: +448081894449
We wish you all successful trading!
Nys Team

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