Online Stock Trading Services

Online Stock Broker Trading Services

As a trader, if online stock trading service, we are sure one of your major fears is doing business with the wrong online stock trading broker. Having your stocks traded on platforms of a reliable broker is your first fundamental step to achieving success.

A good online stock trading brokerage firm should be able to offer a complete range of investment products and discounted brokerage services. Your broker should be able to offer the following;

  • Stocks

They should be able to offer opportunities and platforms that allow you choose and trade from a wide array of stock market investing opportunities. Investment opportunities like trading of stocks listed on AMEX, the NYSE, the Nasdaq Stock Market, or and OTC Pink Sheets or Bulletin Board should be readily available.

  • Options

Also, you should be able to buy and sell puts and calls or Complex Option Strategies.

  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Each ETF is a basket of securities that is designed to track an index – bond market or broad stock, international stock or stock industry sector, – all these are still traded like a single stock.

  • Mutual Funds

A good platform should allow you to Choose from over thousands of different Mutual Funds. Also, you should be able to professionally manage a low maintenance portfolio that allows you to diversify your holdings.

  • Bonds/CDs/Fixed Incomes

Hedge your account with municipal and corporate bonds, CDs and Fixed Income Securities.

  • Margin Investing

A good online stock trading service firm should be able to allow you trade at competitive margin rates to leverage your investments.

Variety of Online Stock Broker Trading Account Types

A good online stock broker trading broker should offer different types of online brokerage accounts that are capable of fitting into investment objectives of different traders.

A few of the account types that can be available include Regular investing, IRA Retirement, International Accounts, Business Accounts, ESA Education Planning, and Custodial Account among others.

Your online stock trading broker should have easy access to the following online stock trading services;

  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFS), mutual funds, Stocks, bonds, options, among others.
  • Streaming of real-time quotes, advanced intraday and historical charts, stock screeners, and built-in technical indicators.
  • Trade even the most complex options strategies with intuitive, pro-grade tools and analytics.

They should be able to provide fresh ideas and information such as;

  • Investing ideas based on today’s headlines, ongoing trends, and the fundamentals that drive the markets.
  • Live market commentary, free analyst research, breaking news that explains what forces are moving the market.
  • Thinking long-term? Check out our retirement planning tools, Automatic Investment Plan, and complimentary guidance to plan and save for the retirement you want.
  • Enhanced quote details for stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, and options
  • Mobile dashboard that shows open orders and top portfolio performers, plus portfolio and watch list-related news.

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