October 2017 Nys Trading – Video (32 Min.)

Hello members and friend, 

At this month, we choose to share with you Monthly video and not as we do all the time (by writing and photos)

We are hoping that this video will be much more helpful during the next weeks.

We are here for any question or help, 

Have a great November!

Our final copy results:

Total 2017 so far: +212.31%

Press here to learn more about our copy/ mirror service (let us trade for you – now it’s easier). 

*We are managing over $680K for our members, live accounts, with different brokers (FX Pro, Pepperstone, Oanda and more).

This coming Week/ Month goals

For each week, we’ll stick with the most popular targets, 100+ pips for our signals (we will not say no if the market will give more).
And between 3%+ – 5%+ yield target per month for replicating portfolios.
New members, please feel free to ask us questions during the week
You can always contact us regarding any question via phone or email.
We wish for all of our members, friends and clients to have a great month with great profits!
Cheers! NYS Trading Team
*There are no App texts on Sat. + Sun

REMEMBER! Trading is all about education and self –discipline. Once you master both, you become a profitable trader and it is our task to bring you there.
Please contact us via our email or WhatsApp and we will contact you back at short time with all the info and the relevant details.

Have a great November and happy holidays,

Nys Trading Team 

WhatsApp: +448081894449
Email: info@nystrading.com
We wish you all successful trading!
Nys Team



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