February newsletter – Dow broke 20,000!

Hello dear members and friends!

First, let us to apologize for the newsletter sending time, the reason for the delay was because we were waited until our IT team will finish the new website was nuts month here at our team…and it’s over!

February was short month and we barely took trades, market range was 120/160 pips at Eur/ Usd last month (Gbp/Usd 5 month is play the 1.2300 / 1.2600 – we think 1.30 before 1.19), this range is not for us, we are not scalpers (we are swing traders) we always rather to wait. To trade the markets first skill you need is to sit patience.

Hoo Trump, what are you doing to the markets??? 

Rally, this is only words we are hiring from the media last months since USA chose new president.

The stock market traders just love the new policy of taxes charge and all Trumps’ new appointments for strong jobs… (For now) and are at unbelievable euphoria…

Dow jones broke the 20,000 point historical (!) – We pretty sure that this area will be big test when we will start the bearish market (Big number has strong price area support or resistance effect).

There is no doubt that we at a “bluff trend”, and when we will reverse – it will be painful for those that we still be in.

Until it will come, market need to build reversal pattern by weekly and monthly candles and this scenario, at list for this s moment, look like a fairytale…

Here is the some Dow jones historical data:

Usd Dollar is waiting – indexes explode up and Eur gain?

What will happen when the stock market will stop climb up? Boom! 1.1000?

As we menschen before 2 weeks, it’s seems that the Euro done with the major bearish trend and he Is building reversal process at the 1.05 area 4 month already, all March, upon the weekly analysis (if it will confirm) our priority will be to sell dollar, against Eur and the British pound. Day by day. Trade what you see and not what you think.

1.0450 will be key area for 1.1000 next months. Only weekly closing Under 1.0450 we will analysis from the beginning.

This is our Eur/ Usd monthly chart:

Metals on spot

The gold and silver (Xau + Xag), are seems like the best investment into this year by the Cfd assets.

the gold start his run from $1150 and stop only at $1250 area in 6 weeks (!), at our community we ask to take the buys above 1165 –that  was great call.

The silver will follow the gold – and he didn’t start his move yet, look at both main metals charts, is this first sign (and main) to the Us Dollar weakness? Days will say, for now we will focus (as every day…) to achieve our trading goals and not to take long term investments.

Here is long term gold chart, watch the potential for $1350 next:


Our performance at last past month was great with all the hard and stiff environment around and tight range, boring sideway and short month…

Both departments, signals + Mirror/ Copy done with great results, here is screen shot from our MQL5 account (Our master acc. 8189 + members funds):

Copy / Mirror Mql5: 7.71%+ yield February

Signals: 314+ points (Trade ideas and tips that we are sharing during the day with our community members, are not counting, if so, the result was more than 770+…)

This coming month…

This month we will put on spot those keys areas: 

Eur 1.0710 > above, we ask 1.10 later on

Gbp 1.2380 > above will ask 1.2680 / 1.3000

Oil > $55.00 can open for $62, support, 51.50 can open to $45 again

Gold 1250 > will ask 1300

Jpy – 115.00 can open for 117 again 

*All March, we will ask to sell Dolor at his highs (same as to buy Eur at lows) –

Only if we will see reliable continuation (last year’s Dollar was strong main trend), we will buy the Dollar.

Fill free to contact us regarding any question you got!

  • Our Copy/ Mirror  Golas: 3%+ / %5+
  • Our Signals Goals: more than 350+ points

Last thing, we want to wish to “Roni B.” (Our new service & support manager) a lot of good luck!

Welcome to our team! You can catch “Roni”  via our email box: “info@nystrading.com”

Wish to all of us, Best March!

 Nys Trading 

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