Nikkei 225 Monthly- Have we started a crisis? 2018.11

Hello member’s and friends, 
I started to trade at 2005 (the end), after 1.5 year, we had the “Subprime” crisis (July 2007, and the big boom was at 2008.03, FYI, the market cover in 4 month, 7 years of bull market..). Few things regarding this current days:
1. It’s always (the crisis) start from the east (you just woke up middle of the night and see red all over…)
2. it’s like a snow ball (Christmas?) – The bear market grow up and getting more and more sellers, and much more panic.
3. Last crisis, i was a newbie trader. I always said to myself that the next crisis i will ready. AT THE NEXT CRISIS, I KNOW THAT MY CLIENTS WILL ENJOY WITH ME FROM MY EXPERIENCE AND PASSION.
4. Bear market is hard to trade, choppy and fast…realy fast.
We took long on Jpy, and i will try to hold him the most we can (Stocks down, Nikkei down, JPY getting stronger and fast…).

Days will say, have a good week! 
Thanksgiving will impact a lot, and we count on it…
Oren & The team 

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