NASDAQ Trading Signals

Trade and Analyze NASDAQ 100 index

NASDAQ comprises of the share indexes of 100 non-financial companies that are listed on the U.S. stock exchange. Communications and Technology make up almost 80% of this index, with Microsoft  |  Apple Inc.  |  Google  being the major players.

Any increase or decrease in the share prices of these companies will form the basis for what bias will be picked for NASDAQ trading strategy.

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How to Trade and Analyze NASDAQ index?

There are two methods to monitor and analyze the price movement of the Nasdaq 100 index. The first method is to use some real-time data or end-of-day data provider alongside a good stock chart analysis software for NASDAQ trading. Another method is to monitor the Nasdaq 100 index quotes on websites such as the Yahoo finance stock quote site, NASDAQ index fund power shares, and ETF shares among others. Also, the Nasdaq 100 index can be analyzed using Nasdaq index fund ETF shares and the NASDAQ 100 index tracking Stock also known as ETF QQQ.

Keep your charts simple.

NASDAQ trading strategy should not involve too much of technical analysis indicators. Only technical analysis indicators such as moving averages are advisable with trend lines and breakouts. The time frame for this analysis is dependent on personal trading strategy and style.

However, I will prefer the higher time frames as they tend to filter out the noise in the market and give a true reflection of the market situation. For short term traders, lower time frames may be applicable.

How to trade NASDAQ index?

The most effective way we use at Nys trading to generate NASDAQ trading signals for our subscribers is to use PowerShares QQQ shares earlier mentioned. This ETF is a very liquid trading vehicle.

This exchange-traded fund is also very popular in the professional investor’s arena, and many mutual funds, closed-end funds and hedge funds use investment strategies that include this NASDAQ index fund.

At Nys Trading we employ the use of the PowerShares QQQ exchange-traded fund for our day trading, mid-term position trading and swing trading strategies to ensure we find the perfect entry for our NASDAQ trading signals and strategy.

Just like the other forex major pairs, these strategies can be fundamental or technical depending on the behavior of the market.

Are the NASDAQ Trading Signals Pending or Instant Execution?

The signal can be instant or pending, depending on the view of our in-house analysts. Either way the signals come, we will send the entry price, take profit and stop loss. If there is any need to alter or adjust our open positions, we will send an update on why we are making changes to our trade.

We send out NASDAQ trading signals and strategy only when we have high assurance that the trade will play out as speculated. Also, if there is any need to adjust or exit an open trade before our target is achieved, we will send an update to subscribers to let them know the reasons for the alteration.

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