January newsletter – 23.24+% Copy/ Mirror accounts !

Hello member’s and friends!

Hope you opened 2017 the best way! Our community did!
As every month, we wanted to update you regarding new information to our trading community, website and our final trading results for the month.
Every year, January is very important to us. To open the year well gives us a lot of confidence and freedom later this quarter and the coming year ahead.
This year started with “Trump” winds up the investors back. One of the biggest questions that traders need to deal with this year, is the Dollar trend (6 years of gains) will end this year, also history shows over the last 140 years that every rally of the stock market continues for a maximum of 7.5 years, Remember – we are almost 8 years now of major stock index rally, started 2009.03.
Bearish market should appear someday. And it’s going to be hard for those who are in. learn monthly reversals, ask diverge at MACD weekly + monthly, which will be the first signs.
Our advice is to start to spread stocks prices on high levels and sit on the fence, focus at daily / swing trading and not investments for long term at this time.
This month, we started to send all daily info + signals with APP and not via emails or WhatsApp as we did since 2009. It’s a great step forward for our community, much faster and easier. Month after month, we will add more pages to the app, charts, alarms and many more ideas that we have and you have given to us.

Our website (www.nystrading.com) is going to have total new upgrade this month (February) and it will be top line IT, with all the new features and new members’ area from this base, fully synchronized with App and more…we promise you it’s worth the wait for that. We have a great IT team and it’s exciting!
As parts of you know, we have 2 majors tracks at our community, signals plan or Copy / Mirror plan via MQL5 (mt4 company) press here to see live results and funds total members money
This month we didn’t send many signals, set ups were expensive and the price move was not clear from the 15th of the month.
Both finished profits and achieve our monthly goals (350+ pips & 3%/5%+ monthly yield copy).
This is live print screen with January details: (MQL5)
Our copy trades based on our signals that we our sending online to members. Our signals based on the strategies we are teaching at daily base at our live online room.
January final results:
At our signals, we got more then 434+ pips.
At Copy / Mirror accounts we achieved 23.24%+ yield at January (!) with minus 4.5% drawdown at the beginning of the month, and from there we start to fly. Simple as that… (We finished 2016 with 93.04%+ to our clients / members).
See you in the next month!
Not part of our community yet?
So what are you waiting for?
We will be happy to have you as part of our trading family!
Download our new Apps and start to get free signals and more..
We are here for you! Do you have any suggestion for us? Maybe to improve anything? We did something wrong? We want to know!
Please contact us for any issue: +448081894449  (WhatsApp or call) or via our Email box: info@nystrading.com
Thank you for your time and confidence in us.
We promise to do our best in February. As every day and every week. Since 2009.

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