Monthly closing charts- Welcome March (2019)

Hello members and welcome new,

As every beginning of the month, part of our trading strategy is based on the monthly closing.

Overall, we see bullish Dollar against the Eur, The sterling on spot, his behavior is not as the Eur, one of the things that will “push” the sterling up, is the Gbp/ Chf + Gbp/ Jpy moves.

Stocks are aiming high; we will expect another rally all the way for all time high at S&P 500.

Gold is bearish, we got great pin bar candle after rally, on resistance area, this is another big clue that we about to see strong Dollar.

We will remind that every month, we will find better liquidity and moves after the 15 for the month (after N.F.P. Data + monthly spikes).

Tomorrow is Monday; we will meet at our online room as normal.

Don’t forget to register again to the new link “Gotowebinar” software,

The new link is under member’s area/ daily info page.

At our copy accounts we will ask around +5%- +8% at this month, and we will not say no for more (at our last trade at last week of February we gain almost 16% in one trade, patience from our side, it’s the key).

Enjoy your Sunday, 

Nys Trading Team 

Herer is the charts that you should follow:

Gbp/ Jpy Monthly

Usd/ Jpy Monthly

Aud/ Usd Monthly

Gbp/ Usd Monthly

Eur/ Usd Monthly

Index Dollar Monthly

Eur/ Gbp Monthly

Gbp/ Chf Monthly

Gold (XAU) Monthly

S&P 500 Monthly 


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We wish you all successful trading!
Nys Team


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