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*We write the review while we heard the terrible news from London, we send our condolences and hope for the recovery of the wounded.

Hello everyone! Dear members and friends!

1.1850 Level at Eur? 2,530 points at S&P 500 Index?  $1,400 for gold? Hm…Believe! 

A major part of our work is to be focused.
Focus, patience and peace of mind are the most necessary things for a trader to be profitable over time.
Our trading results speak by themselves. Despite a lot of “noises” and unrest during the past month, we finished successfully.
May has already passed and we are in the last month of the second quarter.
At the last weeks, the markets were very dynamic, and this trading environment allowed us to rake in a profit of 11.52% yield profit to our customers in the portfolio management department!
We entered forcefully into June with +4.89% already!
The stock exchange is at the peak of all time.
We are at historical days.
Will there be a month when we do not mention President Trump?
His mouth-watering and the fear of investors of any Twitter tweet?
The leak to Russia, the climatic agreement that is currently in the headlines,
And how can we not mention the visit to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel?
The president did not rest for a moment. Recall that euphoria is the land of the bears.
Logic you ask? Do not look; it’s a waste of your time.
The price can be unreasonable for a longer time than your pockets will be full.
The Euro is exploding upwards and returning to its great days.
Is this week another peak? The British currency continued to fall in light of realizations (which came after a tremendous strengthening of the sterling against them),
and we have to wait for the next few days, at which point maybe 1.3000 will burst and we will join up.
As in week and month, we will focus on bringing results and our goals.
We wish you all a successful June!
What this week planning to us?
The main trigger will be the ECB Minimum Bid Rate, at Thursday, 12:45 P.M. London time.
Updates for the week:
  • If your wish is to join to our copy accounts for June month, please set all accounts and plans this week, it is take for us at list 2 days to set all info.
  • We’re still working on upgrading our app, which we’ll update in June.

Here are some major charts for this week, our technical view:

The Euro-Dollar pair continued with the huge run up when just after the release of unemployment data broke the price limit of 1.1250 and signaled us strength up to 1.1440 levels,
it will be safer after  1.1280 will brake to join. There is a chance that this time we will breach the high levels and the price will ask for a change.
Remember that holding a long term view can be dangerous for us and we need to test things every week.
The support level of 1.1150 should hold to see a continuation of the rally.
Remember that there is a Euro Zone interest rate announcement this week on Thursday and traders will wait for a signal before a new move up or down.
EUR/ USD Chart, our monthly view:

The pound has been dragged into a weary lurch and has not breached 1.2800 or 1.3000 levels;
we will continue to wait as our clear upper priority is buying the GBP towards 1.3300 or more in 2017, at least for this time.
At the beginning of the week, we will be asking to buy the pound, after we receive confirmation of the price. GBP/ USD Chart, our weekly view:

S&P 500 Index
What can we say that we did not say, our correspondent recorded or asked. Rally to 2450 and even 2500 points will be on the agenda,
the correlation between the dollar and stock exchanges has long been broken, rising indices, strong euro, which is currently being extended.
The tremendous euphoria in the markets that lasts a long time, and there is no sign of seeing sellers, at least not in the coming weeks.
Just remember, bulls are climbing the stairs while the bears are coming out of the window …
At least for the moment, RALLY is strong against the high price range in all three leading indexes, especially technology stocks that include Facebook and Amazon.
Here is the S&P 500 chart, weekly view:

Dollar Index chart
The greenback continues to plummet against the Euro, Gold and the Japanese yen after Friday’s trading data, as the indices break records.
Is the correlation between the Dollar and the indices finally broken or is this just a passing episode?
We will wait for the next month to get more clear answers, at least right now; the dollar is not the favorite currency for the traders.
Here is our Dollar Index monthly view:

The price range after the OPEC meeting remains the same; we will wait for the monthly triangle to break out,
with $ 50.00 forming a significant psychological factor this time.
We will update in the coming days, for the time being we will seek to buy subways and not sell high.
Here is our monthly view for the US OIL triangle:
We will analyze all the rest of the asset tomorrow (Monday) at the weekly review at the online room:
Such as: AUS/USD, NZD/USD, USD/ JPY, NASDAK, DOW JONES, FACEBOOK, EUR/AUD, GBP/JPY, And much more, (also upon members request for specific assets).

Our performance for the past month:

Our signals (our copy trades based on the signals that we are sending via App)
At our signals, We got more then 375+ pips at May, with only few trades, we are happy,
Also many our trade ideas worked perfect.
We are remained to you that our main goal is to teach you to trade by your own and to provide real tools for that!
Copy/ Mirror accounts for members
Accounts we achieved 11.52%+ yield at May after “visited” -6%, we recovered  nicely.
Press here to learn more at our copy/ mirror service (let us trade for you – now it’s easier).
May final results MQL5 (all info expose only via p.c. – MQL5 policy)>>>
January 23.24%+ (Our max drawdown was -4.5% at first week of January)
February 7.71% + (Our max drawdown was -0.9% at first week of February)
March   8.45% + (Our max drawdown was 0% at first week of March)
April 45.33% + (Our max drawdown was -20.50% during April)
May- 11.52% + (Our max drawdown was -14.00% during May)
June (so far, long month ahead) 4.89% + (Our max drawdown was -1.9% during May)
Total 2017 so far: 144.73%+ (include June already)
*We are managing over $342K for our members, live accounts, at deferent brokers (Colmex, FX Pro, Pepperstone and more).

This coming week goals
As each week, we’ll stick with the most popular destinations, 100+ pips at signals (we will not say no if the market will give more..),
and between 3%+ – 5%+ yield target months replicating portfolios.
New members, please fill free to ask us questions during the week
You can always contact us regarding any question via phone or email.
Tomorrow we will begin the week as every Monday at 07:00 London time,
We wish to all of our member’s friends and clients to have a great week with many profits!
Cheers! Nys Trading Team
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We wish you all successful trading!
Nys Team

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