March newsletter – Stunning Q1! (also weekly)

Hello members and friends!

We hope you had a great Q1! Our community members had for sure!  
As every month, we wanted to update you regarding new staff at our trading community, website and our final trading results for the month, this time also for first quarter of this year.
That was stunning opening!

As every begging of month, last March also start with a lot of thinking by us, as we say” every trade is count”..

March was very volatility at the markets; we saw big move and drama with the Eur/Usd pair (hit 1.0905 high, at our team, we asked rally 1.0640 > 1.0930…),

Stock market is also start to choke…can we see absolute acrophobia at the next weeks? We think high chance for it, is so, we will press..

Jpy is going down – can we start to see the bearish side of the moon?

After really dynamic month, we think we got some answers! The Jpy known as a strong stock market bearish currency (Jpy strong, Usd weak, mean sell trades).

If to judge upon last March closing, the traders put 112 areas as roof for

109 and then 106 – dollar weak, that’s the story and they need to drag down the stock indexes…here is our view:


Stock market – March was unique

This entire madness rally that’s start at 2016.11 (USA elections), seems to over,

The s&p 500 index giving us a big clue with this “spinning Doji” candle,

After this closing, our ideas will be only Sell / Short trades, until we will see something different; here is our view for the next weeks by S&P 500 index, Monthly chart:


Q2 coming with a lot of questions marks

Hoo…the correlation, who said that we will not see this year bears + strong dollar? Why the correlation will be break?

We know – as history show to us, dollar was strong when stock market crushed, investors always run to Gold / Jpy / Dollar. That’s was always. It was and it will be. As professional traders, we must keep our head open and bring results, not ideas. Here is the Dollar index Monthly closing chart:


Eur – Great buy or we can ask new low?

What a finale for this March! 300 points without even to blink, up and down (1.06 > 1.09 > 1.06)! And we saw it all… J

From here, we will ask to follow ECB news (next one at the April 27) we want to put more information to the inflation data, when we will hear new rate environment or a link for there, we will update. For the next week, we will ask to buy low’s at the Eur, our view is 1.0480 for 1.1000 until July. Here Is March closing:

Gold – 1300 at spot, and it’s going to help us a lot!

Why? At this case, we can take the Nzd / Usd + Eur / Usd strong buys! ; They will be affected by this move (Strong Gold, Strong Eur+ Nzd).

Here is the way we can see the process for $1500 ounce:

March + First quarter final results: 

At our signals, we got more then 465+ pips at March (very high % of success).
At Copy / Mirror accounts we achieved 8.45%+ yield at March (!) and with a zero
Drawdown from the beginning of this month (copy infp for join >>>)
Total Q1 Copy Results: 43.45%+ for first quarter of 2017. 

*We are managing over $315K for our members  / We finished 2016 with 93.04%+ to our clients / members

This coming week goals

For every week, we’ll stick with the most popular destinations, 100+ pips at signals (we will not say no if the market will give us more…),
And between 3%+ – 5%+ yield target months replicating portfolios for
New members, please fill free to ask us questions during the week,
You can always contact us regarding any question via phone / WhatsApp or email.
Tomorrow we will begin the week as every Monday at 07:00 London time
There is New Link – Here is the direct link for the registration (April)  >>>

We wish to all of our member’s friends and clients to have a great week with many profits!

Cheers! Nys Trading Team

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