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Nys Trading is your home of profitable and high success rate forex signals, our members and subscribers have consistently enjoyed our daily forex signals. As a way to give an opportunity for non-subscribers to benefit from our signals, we have decided to run 10 days free trading signals for which you can download our mobile application from Play Store or App Store.

Our trading signals for forex runs five days a week from Monday to Friday. For this free trial period, we drop online forex trade signals live for all members of the group to follow, and we drop an update on all open trades as the market may demand. In the group, we will drop live forex charts, and we give trade commentary as to what how we believe prices we react at major levels.

We decide whether to buy or sell a particular currency based on our fundamental and technical analysis of the market. Most times when the fundamental corroborates with what we analyze based on the technical analysis; such forex trade signals usually have a high success rate.

The free Forex trading signals WhatsApp is open just for ten days to those that want to enjoy our free trials, after which they can decide to subscribe to any of our packages and continue to enjoy the services of the best forex trade signal providers around. If they do not wish to continue, we will remove them from the forex signals group to accommodate enough paid members into the WhatsApp group.

How does the WhatsApp Trading Signals Work

The way the trading signals work on WhatsApp is that we have a signal group and another group for analysis. The signal group is strictly meant for dropping signals alone, while the second group is where we drop charts and discuss the fundamental and technical analysis of the market, everybody can contribute to this group.

However, in the signal group, only the administrator of the group is allowed to post WhatsApp signals for trading. All members of the signal group will also constitute the members of the forex discussion group.

We have done this so that the signal group will not be flooded with irrelevant messages and in that way, it is easier to keep track of the signals that have been dropped previously. Anybody who misses the signal can easily find it and decide to wait for the price to retrace for entry or enter at the current market price.

Updates on Open Positions

Live forex trading signals update will be sent to the signal group as well for easy follow up for every member of the group. Our online daily forex trading signals WhatsApp is always lively and fun to be part of, every member contributes and share their opinion of what they think about the market.

And then we shifted to our own Forex Trading Mobile App

After sending daily forex signals on WhatsApp for many years, our community decided to have a mobile app that should have much other information other than forex signals. So we have developed our mobile application for Android and iOS platform in which we provide daily market info, forex news, forex calendar, copy trading updates, and much more.

The key elements of Forex Trading with Nys Trading

Still, have doubts in mind about forex trading? Feel free to contact us, we will contact you as soon as we can.

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