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At Nys Trading, we offer live free forex trading signal services, where we analyze and forecast the forex market and send signals to all our subscribers. These live free forex trading signals services are based on both fundamental and technical analysis of the forex market.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis involves evaluating and forecasting market behaviors based on economic data that affects different currencies. It is sometimes subjective as the outcome of news and data coming out from a country might not have a direct reflection on the currency being analyzed.

The outcome of the fundamental data might be positive for the currency, and yet the currency still depreciates, this happens when the big investors in the market sentimentally influence the market. It is not enough to base forex trading on fundamental analysis alone.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis involves studying and interpreting charts, candlestick patterns, waiting for breakouts, price action at major market levels (usually at support and resistance).

It also involves the use of some technical indicators such as Fibonacci retracement, Moving averages, stochastics, Bollinger bands, among others. Our forex trading signals are generated by a combination of both the fundamental and technical analysis.


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Which Currencies are available for Live Forex Trading Signal Services?

Our free forex trading signal live service covers all pairs, including forex majors, crosses, indices, commodities, and stocks. We try as much as possible to monitor and track all these pairs to ensure that we do not miss out on any big move in the market.

How do I Join the Live Free Forex Trading Signals Service?

At Nys Trading, we offer a ten (10) days free forex trading signals live for new members who want to have a feel of how we trade and know how our signals are doing; whether it is profitable or not.

You can join by simply logging on to our site register for the free 10 days trial period, after your free trial elapses, you may decide to subscribe to any of our paid forex signal services.

How are the signals sent to subscribers?

Once you decide to join out the 10 days free trial period, you can download our app from Play Store or App Store in which you will receive live forex signals, charts and we will also be analyzing the market, run forex commentaries, drop charts and above all drop signals.

A good advantage of joining us is that we don’t send signals alone, we will let you know why we are taking every trade that we drop and by this, our members will be able to learn and become a better forex trader.

Are the forex signals Instant Execution or Pending Orders?

Our forex trading signal service is based on both fundamental and technical analysis, and as such we send both instant entries and pending orders, depending on the view of our competent analysts.

If we are sending forex trading signals that are to be executed at the current market price, we will state the entry price, stop loss, and take profit. If it is Pending order, we will send the entry price and stop levels as well.

The Benefits of Forex Trading with Nys Trading

Still, have doubts in mind about forex trading? Feel free to contact us, we will contact you as soon as we can.

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