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If you have struggled in the forex market for as long as you can remember and you are planning to quit, please have a rethink, do not quit, the solution is in sight. Nys Trading will help you get over those years of losses and crashing of several accounts, all you need to do is to attend our live trading session and live trading webinars.

The forex market is one that is built for those who are disciplined, being discipline is much more important than your trading strategy; the reason is that no matter how good your trading strategy is and how experienced you are, without discipline you will continue to blow up accounts.

Discipline is one aspect we dedicate a lot of time to on our live forex trading webinars. Another important factor that will tell if you will be successful as a forex trader is money management, without the right attitude in managing your capital, you will be miserable as a trader.

What do we teach in Our Forex Trading Education Webinars?

We teach the following in our live forex trading webinars;

  • Basics of Forex Trading: There is no discipline you want to venture into today, you have to learn the basic things that will guard you and make you successful in the trade. We have a beginner class where we trade those who are new to Forex trading the basic things, like what is Forex? What is a base currency? What is Counter? And then we take it a step further by introducing them to how to analyze the market, how to decide when to buy or sell a particular pair and how to set stops.
  • We have an Advanced Class: In our advanced class, we teach both fundamental and technical aspect of the market; like how to know which data and news carries weight and are likely to influence the market and those that will have medium impacts on the market. We also teach the technical live forex analysis that involves identification of areas of support and resistance, how to trade breakout and how to decide to buy and sell by combining a couple of technical indicators. Our advanced forex trading class is an encompassing one, where all participants will learn a lot, and they are guaranteed to become a better trader by attending.
  • Live Trading Sessions: Another interesting part of our forex trading education session and webinars are our live forex analysis session where we analyze live market conditions and teach our members practical steps and decision that should prompt their decision to either sell or buy a currency pair. In our live trading session, we show how the market can be analyzed based on both fundamental and technical parameters.
  • Money Management: One aspect of trading is money management, without good money management it will be difficult to succeed as a forex trader. Money management has to do with how much of your capital you expose to the market, and it is a function of your lot size, entry price, and stop loss level. Your lot size should be kept constant, and it can be increased momentarily as your account size grows.

Still, have doubts in mind about forex trading? Feel free to contact us, we will contact you as soon as we can.

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