June newsletter- 9 months in a row we take profits!

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*We write the review while we heard the terrible news from London, we send our condolences and hope for the recovery of the wounded.

Hello everyone! Dear members and friends!

The month of June was very complex for trading and there were a number of very significant price hikes in a number of assets,
such as the New Zealand dollar, the British pound and the dollar index.
The dollar index continues to dive but there is currently no correlation with the leading US indices.
June was characterized by a fast, bouncy market and a lot of uncertainty… at least until the last week of the month.
“If it goes like a duck  …” Do you know this sentence?
So it must be a duck.
A weak dollar.
This is the title of the summer.
Unless there is an extreme news event, we do not see any change in the weakening trend of the green except for minor corrections.
Ladies and gentlemen, has the drought season ended in the currency market after three years of shuffling in the leading pairs?
If so, expect a very exciting market in the coming months.
At Nys, we spent another month in the transaction and replication department with great success. Despite the difficult month in terms of data: interest rates in almost all leading currencies, speeches every day and almost every week by one or another and the lack of correlation between the dollar and the stock markets, we managed to find the last stretch of the month a little satisfaction and end the ninth consecutive month of taking profits in the cloning system!
We will stick to the monthly targets set in July, at our copy and signals departments.
What this week planning to us?
Coming data: FOMC Meeting Minutes, N.F.P And G20 meeting. Focus to pass this week safely.
Happy 4th of July to all our americans members and there families!
Updates for the week:
Today (Sunday) at 5:00 pm (London time) we will hold an open lecture on the subject of “trading during the summer months” you’re all invited! Please registaer here
If your wish is to join to our copy accounts for July month, please set all accounts and plans this week, it is take for us at list 2 days to set the acc.

Here are some major charts for this week, our technical view:

The Euro-Dollar pair is being tested this week as the 1.1470 level will decide where we are going.
The average is crossed after two and a half years (!) And at least for us, that means a lot (we added a graph that shows the potential penetration rate of the average).
North is the direction.
At least for the time being, we will wait for consolidation above 1.1500 and only then will we try to enter.
Keep in mind that this can still be a false breakthrough for the duo.
Also note the level of Gartley signaling strong resistance at 1.1500 which is also an important psychological level.
As in weekdays, we will update the trading room in the next few days.
EUR/ USD Chart, our weekly view:
EXP150 Brake up at EUR/ JPY Last week:



The GBPUSD closed the week above 1.3000 and at least for now, looking further at the other GBP pairs,
there is no doubt that the Pound is the star.
Above 1.3050 we will join the 1.3300 area
Wait for approval template. The week passed and the signals and trading ideas in the pair worked wonderfully (we wanted a buy at 1.2820 last week).
Our weekly view:


The New Zealand dollar has broken a downward trend line and a monthly average, signaling further strengthening in the coming months.
A breach of 0.7300 is a clear bullish sign. We will only seek to join in the buying of lowliness. Our monthly view:

S&P 500 Index
The SP500 index is still within range and the monthly candle closing is still inconclusive, to either side. Please avoid long-term trading in stocks and wait for the breach of the dimensions. Until then, daily trading is on the agenda.
Wrong it will set direction for the indices for the coming months. We will see how the rising trend line will function in the coming weeks.
Maybe it is a bear market. We feel that way. We’ll wait.
S&P 500 chart, weekly view:

Dollar Index Chart
The INDEX dollar broke down a falling trend line and a very significant support area. Notice that each candle represents a month.
We are definitely in a trend (we warned that in our trading room we wanted to buy EUR at 1.05 vs. 1.15).
At least for the moment, there may be minor corrections, but no more. If the Sentiment changes, we will immediately update it in the trading room.
Dollar Index monthly view:


Gold is still trading in a weekly triangle for a long time.
1250 will be tested in the coming days as a resistance area, to the south, the level of 1207 points will serve as support.
There is no clear direction but in our opinion, in the future, it will be true to buy low levels of the property into 1300/1500. Our  monthly view:


An excellent week for oil traders in the trading community, on Monday we saw an excellent entry opportunity in the areas of $ 42.50 per barrel and asked to see at least $45 a barrel by the end of the week. At least at the moment, the black gold signals continued gains as key levels are highlighted on the graph.

We will analyze all the rest of the asset tomorrow (Monday) at the weekly review at the online room:
Such as: AUS/USD, USD/ CAD, USD/ JPY, NASDAK, DOW JONES, FACEBOOK, EUR/AUD, GBP/JPY, And much more, (also upon members request for specific assets).

Our performance for the past month:

Our signals (our copy trades based on the signals that we are sending via App)
 In the Signal Department, we finished the month above 425+ pips with the trading ideas we sent yielded over 1,080+ pips!
We asked to buy GBP/ JPY, US OIL, Australian and Pound all of the support levels before breaching above and the highlight was the EUR/ JPY pair (weekly EXP 150).
We have no doubt that the month of July will be exciting and we can send a lot more signals. We depend mainly on the price movement.

Copy/ Mirror accounts for members
What a month it was. This month we made the most of our deals this year, dragged into over-trading. If you look at the performance graph,
you will see that our customers suffered from us most of the month, and only on the 29th of the month did we manage to align.
The number of transactions we have made has led to differences between our customers. We currently operate 5 different brokers and our vision is different.
We learned. We become smarter.
We will elaborate on this in detail in the trading room.
Despite everything and although we are not satisfied with the way, we ended the month with a yield of 18.38%+ !
Press here to learn more at our copy/ mirror service (let us trade for you – now it’s easier).
June final results MQL5 (all info expose only via p.c. – MQL5 policy)>>>
January 23.24%+ (Our max drawdown was -4.5% at first week of January)
February 7.71% + (Our max drawdown was -0.9% at first week of February)
March   8.45% + (Our max drawdown was 0% at first week of March)
April 45.33% + (Our max drawdown was –20.50% during April)
May 11.52% + (Our max drawdown was -14.00% during May)
June 18.39% + (Our max drawdown was -12.25% during June)
Total 2017 so far: 176.14%+ 
*We are managing over $425K for our members, live accounts, at deferent brokers (FX Pro, Pepperstone,  Oanda and more).

This coming week goals
As each week, we’ll stick with the most popular destinations, 100+ pips at signals (we will not say no if the market will give more..),
and between 3%+ – 5%+ yield target months replicating portfolios.
New members, please fill free to ask us questions during the week
You can always contact us regarding any question via phone or email.
Tomorrow we will begin the week as every Monday at 07:00 London time,
We wish to all of our member’s friends and clients to have a great week with many profits!

Cheers! Nys Trading Team

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We wish you all successful trading!
Nys Team

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