July 2017 Nys Trading Newsletter- Summer time!

* Please read the newsletter via P.C. and not mobile to get best view at our charts That contains explanations, thank you!
*We write the review while we heard the terrible news from London, we send our condolences and hope for the recovery of the wounded.

Hello everyone! Dear members and friends!

First, we will say thank you that the month of July has finally passed.
The summer months (especially August) are known to be very complex for trading due to low liquidity during this period.
As a result, we often receive buy or sell signals that do not work as expected.
Patience is the name of the game.
Economic data published later this week / month can cause sharp movements.
Here are 5 tips to help you through the coming weeks:
  1. Lower earnings expectations (after 08.15 will be harder)
  2. Lower the leverage size
  3. Trade only in hours with high liquidity
  4. Stick to trading in leading assets
  5. Trade as little as possible – preferably!


A month of significant breakthroughs we have received in the markets.

The EURUSD breached the 1.1500 level and did not look back; the British Pound broke strongly at 1.2800 and traded at these moments at 1.3200, when this week the interest rate decision will be published in the UK. There is no doubt that President Trump seeks a weak dollar. This is a tremendous growth for American companies due to cheap currency, rising demand for products. Is the Eurozone on the way to rapid inflation? After the summer we will be smarter.

We never make long-term decisions in the summer months. Summer candles in summer are unreliable…

What this week planning to us?

Next week we will be following the interest rate decisions in Australia and the UK, with markets ending the week with such an important employment figure. Recall that this figure usually changes the trend. We might open the month with a strong Dollar first.

 We wish to all our friends and members to have a great August! 

Here are some major charts for this week, our technical view:

The EURUSD breached the range (1.05 / 1.15) after three years.
The pair must maintain the 1.1500 level next month to ensure a continuation of the trend towards 1.2000 or even more. At least currently, buy only after repairs.
EUR/ USD Chart, our monthly view:

The British Pound retains its strength above the 1.3000 level and as well as the Euro, will likely seek to achieve higher levels later this year.
Currently, buying only 1.3500 will be the right decision. our monthly view:

The weakness of the dollar is expressed almost against most of the basket of currencies. This week we chose to raise the SGD.
Below the support area can be a strong entry into the sale. We will update the trading room every day. Our monthly view:

S&P 500 Index
 The S&P 500 continues to race and break every possible obstacle on its way to the level of 2,550 points. A weak dollar is a strong growth for many American companies. Wall Street has been painted green for a long time, and at least for the time being, it will continue to try to break records in the near future. Our monthly view:

Dollar Index Chart
 The dollar index broke the level of 93.00 points so everything is important and also the last closing price (marked in line). Currently, a sell-off for the next few weeks will be correct.
Remember: If the USD Index breaks the 93.00 level upwards, we will consider changing our position. Dollar Index monthly view:


Gold broke the falling trend line and starts to climb past the levels of $ 1,300 per ounce.
This is another sign of the weakening of the greenback and inevitable inflation. Our  monthly view:


Japanese Yen is on its way to the 107.50 price zone, the weakness of the USD will strengthen below the psychological level of 110.00.
For sale only, where 110.75 must be maintained as resistance, the employment figure on Friday will greatly affect the price.
Trade with responsibility. Our  monthly view:

We will analyze all the rest of the asset tomorrow (Monday) at the weekly review at the online room:
Such as: AUS/USD, USD/ CAD, USD/ JPY, NASDAK, DOW JONES, FACEBOOK, EUR/AUD, GBP/JPY, And much more, (also upon members request for specific assets).

Our performance for the past month:

Our signals (our copy trades based on the signals that we are sending via App)
A big miss. There are no other words.
July gave the first two weeks in a fantastical way with the breaking of 1.1500, which provided a great entry.
Unfortunately, at the beginning of July we were busy moving from one broker to another, which led to the start of normal work only in the last week of the month. The performance was very weak and we finished in the 0 area.
For general knowledge, if we do not trade our money, we prefer not to send trading signals.
The trading ideas published in the past month have yielded good results. We will place more emphasis on publishing trade ideas according to the way things are and the reactions of members of the community.
Copy/ Mirror accounts for members

Despite all the difficulties in July (will be published on Oren’s next blog) we have finished under the monthly goal that we wish to achieve. We maintain a tenth consecutive month of taking profits for our clients. We will do our best to keep this sequence in the coming month as well.

Replication department customers – thanks.

The patience and trust in the passage. This step was long overdue. We look forward many years.

2015.01 to 2017.06:

july 2017 (we moved to FXPRO):

Press here to learn more at our copy/ mirror service (let us trade for you – now it’s easier).
July final results MQL5 (all info expose only via p.c. – MQL5 policy)>>>
January 23.24%+ (Our max drawdown was -4.5% at first week of January)
February 7.71% + (Our max drawdown was -0.9% at first week of February)
March   8.45% + (Our max drawdown was 0% )
April 45.33% + (Our max drawdown was –20.50% during April)
May 11.52% + (Our max drawdown was -14.00% during May)
June 18.39% + (Our max drawdown was -12.25% during June)
July 4.98% + (Our max drawdown was 0% )
Total 2017 so far: 181.12%+ 
*We are managing over $475K for our members, live accounts, at deferent brokers (FX Pro, Pepperstone,  Oanda and more).

This coming week/ month goals
As each week, we’ll stick with the most popular destinations, 100+ pips at signals (we will not say no if the market will give more..),
and between 3%+ – 5%+ yield target months replicating portfolios.
New members, please fill free to ask us questions during the week
You can always contact us regarding any question via phone or email.
We wish to all of our member’s friends and clients to have a great month many profits!

Cheers! Nys Trading Team

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We wish you all successful trading!
Nys Team

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