Holidays and summer time at the markets

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We are before summer, Easter holiday and slow days… We think that every trader needs to know those facts, hope this article will assist with better market view.

Traders have issue with 2 types of market price move:
1. fast
2. Slow
both of them are a result of low liquidity or waiting (same).
To join to a fast move that start called “to chase” – it’s forbidden
to join a move when the market is slow, it’s like to play Russian roulette.

Holidays, summer time, end of year and more “problematic” time took the best traders i know. Include my capitals at the years i was new.

Pass it safe. Do not test the market. He will win.
At this time, do not ask logic, normal move or to understand because you are not be able do not blame the market.

Here some few things that you can do to focus, know that facts:

1. many big traders are off and changing strategy to daily trading (small move at slow days, 15/50 points). Also reduce the monthly risk as a part from their strategy.
2. The main decision makers at big banks/ hedge funds are at their yearly vacation or off.
3. at this year, RATE all over very low, it’s hard to predict big moves, at list this time at FX market, if so, focus at commodities currencies (Aud, Cad, Nzd all against Usd)
4. Work always with daily/ weekly/monthly stop loss borders AND KEEP THEM.
5. try to reduce your entries to Wednesday / Thursday, you will find better liquidity at this days.
6. Drink a lot of water.

Oren Shibet, Nys Trading Team

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We wish you all successful trading!
Nys Team

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