Google Trading Signals

Brief History about Google

Google was founded in 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Stanford University. It was a research project on search engine developed based on page rank algorithm and designed to translate backlink data for a particular web page according to an order of importance with the aim of popping relevant search result.

Google was incorporated in 1998, and its first IPO was in 2004, ever since then Google has grown in leaps and bounds outperforming all its competitors in the process.

Google today has its operating system, smartphones, web browser and also offer a wide range of services such as Gmail, Adwords, Google Drive, Google Voice, Google Earth, and Google map. Google has a massive market capitalization of over $650 billion.

Google Trading Strategy Services

With the many values, Google is adding to the lives of its users on a daily basis; it is suicidal to bet against Google trading services stock not appreciating. Google earning reports have shown tremendous gains over time with the acquisition of YouTube and its innovative technological solutions it is offering.

In trading Google stocks, it is important to pay attention and clearly analyze its quarterly and yearly reports. Google trading services on the NASDAQ exchange and S&P 500; the values of its shares have been bullish, and it is not showing any sign of retreat.

Why Alphabet stock (Google) remains a buy

With fundamental facts and figures available for Google stocks, it looks certain that the value of Google shares will continue to surge. The advertising strategy behind the brand whereby they include advertisements in all their products will continue to rake in more profit for Google on a daily basis.

How is Google Traded at Nys Trading?

Our Google trading signals services are sent to our subscribers with the entry price, stop loss and take profit stated. Subscribers can then manually enter these trades on their own. We combine both fundamental and technical analysis to decide whether to buy or sell, a combination of these two will guarantee a clearer signal.

Are these Signals Pending or Instant Execution?

The Google trading signals can be either pending or instant depending on how our market analysts view and analyze the market. If it is pending, an entry point will be given, with taking profit and stop loss levels clearly stated and an expiration time for the signal will be communicated as well.

What do the stops for Google Trading Signals look like?

Our stops for Google trading signals is usually not more than 100 points from entry price, and our risk-reward ratio is most times 1:3 or 1: 4 depending on the market trend and our entry point.

Are there Updates on the Google Trading Services?

Yes!! We send an update on our Google trading signals and strategy services as occasion may demand. These updates may be as a result of trying to lock some profits, cut our losses short, or exit a trade at little profit before prices hit our target if we don’t see a proper sustenance of the trend in our favor.

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