FTSE Trading Signals

What is the ‘FTSE?’

The FTSE is a company that specializes in index calculation, and it is similar to Standard & Poor’s. FTSE trading is not part of any stock exchange; it is owned by the Financial Times and the London Stock Exchange (LSE), the Financial Times is the other owner and the partial namesake of the company.

FTSE trading service represents the share index of the 100 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange in accordance with their market capitalization. The 100 companies that make up the FTSE account for 81% of the capital markets of the London exchange.

FTSE is referred to as the “Footsie”, and it is among the most widely used and popular stock index around the world.

Understanding the FTSE Trading Strategy and the Forces that Drives it

The FTSE trading service market is updated every 15 seconds, and its value is calculated in real time. To trade FTSE, it is worth knowing that despite the fact that FTSE 100 comprises of U.K based companies, it is affected by news coming from Europe.

Fundamental news releases that have an influence on the FTSE index include GDP statistics, U.K. manufacturing numbers, interest rate, and inflation rates announcement among others.

The FTSE follows the European indices, unlike the Nikkei that is directly correlated to the U.S. indices as a result of the U.S. being the major Japanese trade partner. As a result of this, it is important to know how the European markets are performing as this will serve as a guide in our FTSE trading strategy.

FTSE Trading Signal

There is no two way to offer a better FTSE trading signal service to our subscribers outside the strategy stated above; it is fundamental to know that FTSE has a direct correlation with the European market and it is affected by news release in the U.K. With this we can always trade the FTSE successfully and send signals based on this.

However, our bias to either sell is dependent on both fundamental and technical analysis to get the best result. Our technical analysis of our FTSE trading service may be due to a major breakout or price action at major confluence levels.

What are the Parameters in the FTSE Trading Signal?

Like every other index, we will send the entry price, stop loss and take a profit; a major task is to find the appropriate entry price and that is why our analysts at Nys Trading are good at, they diligently pick the entry prices for our FTSE trading signals to be sent to our subscribers.

Are there Updates on the Signals?

Yes!! We send an update as occasion may demand on open trades as we understand how important to always manage our trades even when they are in profit so that winning trades do not turn out to be a losing one.

Also, we will always let our signal subscribers know the reason why we need to adjust our open position on FTSE which may be due to a news release, or technical reason.

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