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AT Nys Trading we are not only concerned about generating and sending trading Signals to our subscribers alone, but we also look into how we can make them better in Trading.

This is why we brought up the idea of a forex trading room online where we discuss with members and signal subscribers on prevailing matters and issues in the ever-changing world of forex trading.

In our live trading room we discuss real-time market analysis, analyze price behaviors at major confluence levels of support and resistance, breakouts, and other major patterns like the head and shoulder, triangular formation among others. 

What do we do in our Forex Live Trading Room? 

Traders Views: Our Forex live trading room is where all members get the opportunity to air their views on any forex currency pair, stocks, and commodities trading. We listen to opinions and counter opinions that sometimes give us a better view of the market trends which will eventually make us generate profitable signals for subscribers. 

Trade Updates: In our forex trading room we give update on all open positions; updates may include adjusting stops, moving stops to break even, closing a trade in profit, or even closing a trade to cut our losses if it is perceived that the trade is a bad one. 

Live Trade Commentary: In our live forex trading room and stock trading chat rooms run live commentaries on all currency pairs, stocks, and commodities. Our commentaries involve highlighting and illustrations using charts to explain how view of the market.

Also if there are any fundamental releases, we analyze what the possible outcome could be and how it can have effect on the demand and supply of the particular pair or stock.

Major fundamental releases that carry weight include interest rate differentials, Non-Farm Pay Roll, Minutes of monetary meetings, and major speeches from chairmen of the European Central Bank (ECB), Bank of Japan (BoJ), among others. 

Education Materials: We also give out educative forex resource materials that can help members in our live trading room. These materials can be eBooks, video tutorials that cut across several areas of trading from fundamental to technical analysis, breakout strategies, and use of technical indicators such as Fibonacci retracement levels, relative Stock Index (RSI), Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages (MA), and Stochastics among others. 

How can I be a Member of your Online Trading Room?

It is not difficult to join us and enjoy the many benefits our embers enjoy. Visit to get full details of all our packages and how you can select the one that is most appropriate for you. Joining our team might just be that turning point in your trading career. 

Why you should join us

  • We have an amazing team of analyst with profitable years of trading forex
  • Our signals have consistently performed well over the years.
  • You have a ten day free trials to see why you need to join us
  • Joining us will not only make you make more money but will also enable you to learn
  • Our signals will give you an entry price, stop loss and take profit and we will give you a guide to trading the signals based on your capital.

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