Forex Daily Analysis, Day Trading Strategy

Do you look at the charts and find yourself confused?

Done courses and wanting to get some experience in trading but not sure where to start?
Or you have some experience but still need guidance? 
If so, we can help.
For a trader, Performing a Daily Analysisis the Most Important Thing to do before a trader starts their day.
For Positive Outcomes
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These are key elements. Analyzing the charts and determining good price points prior to trading are of utmost importance.
Regardless of what you are trading — FX, CFD, commodities, ore stock, you must analyze the charts and determine the best course of action prior to trading.
When open trading (buying or selling), many people lose their discretion, being motivated instead by emotion.
To Be A Successful Trader, one has to be Disciplined and not be ruled by emotion. It is important for a trader to follow the daily analysis and trade plan.
Note that we provide tools to our traders on a daily basis, in our “Members Area
We provide Daily and Weekly Analysis Reports consisting of:
  1. Europe: a 30 to 40-minute live meeting with recording (uploaded with notification prior to the European session)
  1. USA: a 10 to 15-minute recording discussing the Market Situation, Our Trades and Our View of the Market for the coming hours (uploaded with notification prior to the US session).
Short Trading Videos with Strategy Explanations, Live Trades and more.
Daily, we Provide a Detailed Report containing:
Key Areas of focus and Trade Ideas
Live Signals (FX + CFD)
A Chart Explanation of Every Signal
We want to educate you. This is our goal. To Learn and Earn!
Our online room broadcasting hours:
Do this with:
Online Education Webinars (Live every Wed & Thu (90 minutes) – visit our video library).
All Day Mentoring
You may have a question regarding the Market Situation…
May be on an exotic pair?…
You are not sure if to buy or sell?…
Just text us, and we will answer your enquiry shortly thereafter

Here are some examples below…

Daily assets report (FX + CFD) example:

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Weekly  Analysis video (With PDF File, learn more at the video):

Europe session exemple – 07:00 A.M GMT:

U.S.A sesion example – 01:30 P.M GMT:

Trading videos such as:


Our unique trading Course >>> and more…

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Trading is all about education and self–discipline. Once you master both, you become a profitable trader and it is our task to bring you there.

Please contact us via our email or WhatsApp and we will contact you back at short time with all the info and the relevant details.

Nys Trading Team

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