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At Nys Trading EUR USD live chart is one of our favorite pairs, and it is one of the major pairs we have in online forex trading. EUR USD is a combination of two currency pairs; the EURO and the U.S. Dollar, the Euro is the base currency while the USD is the counter or quote currency.

Thus, it means that when our EUR USD live chart forecast says sell the EUR USD, it means we are selling the Euro and buying the USD in anticipation that the Euro will depreciate against the USD. Forex Trading EUR USD involves some level of analysis like it is for trading other forex pairs. Both fundamental and technical analysis are the two methods we decide to either buy or sell the pair.


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Fundamental Analysis

Forex EUR USD Forex trading is affected by fundamental data coming from the United States and the European markets, although sometimes the direction the pair moves might not be a true reflection of what the outcome of the data connotes. It is sometimes dependent on market sentiment.

Hence it can be subjective to the action of major players in the market. Major fundamental data that affects the EURUSD include interest rates, Non-Farm Payroll, GDP reports, minutes of monetary policy meetings, speeches of the European Central Bank (ECB) governor and Federal Reserve Chairman among others.

Technical Analysis

Forex Trading EURUSD requires a sound knowledge of technical analysis, like the ability to identify support and resistance levels, the ability to identify a breakout and a proper interpretation of candlestick patterns.

Most of our EUR USD forex signals are decided from technical analysis with little corroboration of what the fundamental indicators are saying. We try to pick bottoms and tops by buying low and selling high majorly within a channel. Click here to see EUR USD live chart 15 min

Our EUR USD Forex Forecast and Signals

Our members and subscribers will have the benefit of getting

EUR USD exchange rate live chart and forecast commentary, and we will give both technical and fundamental reasons why we are selling or buying the pair.

When we send EUR USD signals, our signal subscribers will get the entry price, stop loss and take a profit; sometimes the signal might be instant execution or pending orders depending on our analysis of the market.

Do you send updates on EUR USD live Candlestick Chart?

Yes! We send updates to our members and subscribers if there is any need to either adjust stoops or close a trade. Sometimes we might decide to cut losses short; we may decide to say we have had enough profit, let’s close our trade in profit before they even hit our targets.

If any of this need arises, we will inform our signal subscribers by sending them details of the changes and the reason that prompts the decision to be taken.

Good Money Management

One thing we preach at Nys Trading is good money management, do not be greedy and enter the market with a high lot size, choose your lot size with respect to the size of your capital. Remember it is good to trade safely so that you can trade another day!

Still, have doubts in mind about forex trading? Feel free to contact us, we will contact you as soon as we can.

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