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We have been trading since 2005. In that time we have accumulated extensive knowledge in trading that we will share with you.

We will Educate you. You will Gain Trading Experience through us. Armed with knowledge and experience, you will realize financial profits and freedom!

Our promise to you.  Take our online course. Your perspective on Trading will be totally different.

You will behave professionally, with REAL tools with which you will be able to consistently generate returns! For many years to come!

We provide Online Courses. 4 courses per year. Courses are run over approximately 3 months, with course meetings every Thursday. Here you will learn everything you need to know to trade. And we welcome any questions you may have.

After you join us as a full community member, you will have free access to our Price Action course.  That is the entire 12 hours. You will also have access to any of our live courses.

Price action Nys Trading Unique course:

  1. Support and Resistance level, the meaning of key areas
  2. Channels Trading
  3. Fibonacci retracement+ Gartley pattern + 161%/261%
  4. Price Patterns + Reversal Candles (Set Up)
  5. False Break / Stop Loss Hunting / 3 Candles Strategy
  6. Space at Trading
  7. Filters
  8. Money Management
  9. Indicators
  10. Forex News and Fundamental Analysis of Data
  11. Forex Brokers/ Forex Trading Systems / Trading Styles
  12. Daily Tasks – Before your Trading Day Begins

Here are 5 minutes part from our first lesson (total of 60 minutes for each topic lesson):

Support and Resistance level


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We wish you all successful trading!
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