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U.S. Dollar situation 2019.02

Hello members, One of the things that we can see at the charts, is that the FX market is long time already isn’t moving to nowhere. This sideways move is killing us and many other traders/ Hedge funds, by causing high volatility, because we try to earn profits. We are […]

Copy accounts result – 2019.01

Hello dear members and friend’s, Our activity at the copy accounts is over for this current month. Final result by MQL5+ Myfxbook for January 2019: +5.45% Yield   After the last day’s move, and the next coming day’s data (Fed + Nfp) we choose to end the month. We are […]

Princes of the Yen: Central Bank Truth Documentary 19.01

Hello members and friend’s, Please press here to watch the full video.      

Wall Street Expects in 2019- 19.01.02

Hello dear members, Here is Wall Street Expects in 2019 by major banks that we want to share with you. Have a great year, Nys Trading Team *** Here’s (Almost) Everything Wall Street Expects in 2019 Morgan Stanley called theirs The Turning Point. One Bank of America Merrill Lynch note went with The […]

2018 Is over- Personal word from us 2018.12

Hello members and friends! That’s it. The year is over for us. We are off trading until 2019.01.05. Now it’s the time to improve our website, to add and replace staff, to sit with myself and make a better trading strategy for the next year. As you know all our […]

Copy members- It’s the time to comeback! 18.09

Hello dear members and friends, Long time since… With parts of you I didn’t spoke long time. Summer is end and soon we will start the last quarter of the year. We are working hard, and we learned a lot during the last year. We don’t have any doubts that […]

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