DAX Trading Signals

DAX (Deutscher Aktien Index) futures are the derivatives market with which the main German stock index, DAX can be tracked. DAX30 is vital in measuring the performance of the stock index of the 30 different companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The DAX trading index is a market capitalization weighted index and tracks the performance of the most actively traded and largest stocks on the exchange. The DAX is similar to and carries similar weight as the Dow Jones in the U.S.

The DAX futures are valued in Euro and then converted to the U.S. dollar. The DAX futures can be in the form of mini-sized DAX futures (having a multiplier of 5) to the standard futures contract.

DAX Trading Service

Trading the DAX futures can be one of the most profitable experiences a trader can have. It is similar to trading the S&P 500 futures. However, it is important to note that DAX has a direct correlation to the leading U.S. stock indexes that is when the U.S. stock index rises there is a corresponding rise in the value of DAX.

Also, DAX has an inverse correlation with the EURUSD; when EURUSD moves higher, the DAX is weak and vice-versa. Knowing this can form the basis of a trader’s DAX trading signal and strategy and can help traders rake in profits from trading service DAX.

DAX Trading Signals

At Nys Trading our DAX trading signals and strategy are generated and sent to our subscribers after due fundamental and technical analysis has been done. We like to put our traders in the know as to why we are taking a particular position on a forex pair or index. As a result of this we will send trade commentaries together with charts explaining why we have decided to either buy or sell DAX.

Our trading service DAX includes sending the entry price, take profit, and stop loss to our signal subscribers which they can manually input and execute on their trading platforms.

Are all trades for DAX Instant Execution?

No!! All the signals sent for DAX trading are not instant, at times it can be pending order like buy limit, buy stop, sell stop, sell limit, depending on our view and analysis of the market.

Do you send Updates on Signals for DAX?

Yes!! Like every other pairs, we send updates on all open trades if the need arises. We might send update to close a trade in profit or even in loss to cut short our losses if we fill the trade will go further against us.

We encourage our subscribers to have good money management and not expose all their capital to the market, lot sizes should be reasonable and should be based on their trading capital and how much they are willing to let go per trade.

We understand the fact that risk appetite for traders differs and as such caution should not be thrown into the wind. Always Trade to trade another day.

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