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Hello Members!

Our main goal at Nys Trading is Education.

But yes, we can trade for you!

As all of you know, we have hours upon hours of daily analysis (twice a day as a matter of fact), webinars and courses.

We want to teach you how to trade; we want your money to be “smart”, unlike other traders, whose money is “stupid”.

Read the statistics, most traders lose their money. At our education sessions we discuss the markets in real time. Not in Retrospect!

During this time we mention short and long term opportunities.

Once an opportunity materializes by our set ups and strategies, we send a signal. It is only clear that our trading community consists of traders from all over the world hence from different time zones.(Some sleep and some work at the same time we issue a signal!) Not everybody is available at all times.

It so happens that many members asked for a solution so that they will not miss any trading opportunity.

We at Nys Trading found a solution for that problem. We will be happy to share and explain. Please contact us via mail and/or WhatsApp.

We appreciate your trust and confidence. We are here for you, for any question, any time.


No need of Servers or no need to keep your PC on.

  • We are using MQL5 just to show the results. For copying the trades we use our own copier software and servers.
  • We can copy the trades from any broker that have MT4 software


To check Live MQL5 Reports Please visit this page on Desktop. That website will not fully support mobile view.

REMEMBER! Trading is all about education and self –discipline. Once you master both, you become a profitable trader and it is our task to bring you there.

Please contact us via our email or WhatsApp and we will contact you back at short time with all the info and the relevant details.

Nys Trading Team

For more information, Please write us from here, we will contact you as soon as we can.

WhatsApp: +448081894449
We wish you all successful trading!
Nys Team
we have two types of subscriptions. At both of them we send identical signals for buying and selling through your mobile on real time. Signal trader is getting the online signals to his mobile, but only to copy account subscription we are opening the trade in his own private account, this means we are doing all the work for you based on risk management and market conditions.
not all of them. Signals will be opened on the basis of the analysis of the asset, but when we run the account for the client, we trade using the pyramid and leverage change, this is a unique method developed by Oren Shibet (NYS director) and is studied and taped on real time at trading room on a daily basis. All this in order to maximize the profit from the transaction sent to your mobile. We often send several mobile signals but not necessarily all trades are opened in accounts. Copy account risk management is strict and we wish the best market conditions before we make a deal for our customers.
You can trade your account normally at any time. Note that just do not get to hold risk (Margin Call) your broker asks. This may affect our performance of the transaction.

We aim to finish the year over 45% of our customers gain (average of 4% per month on $ 10,000 copy accounts), it is considered aggressive trading.

We strive to not risk more than 4% a month. There may be exceptions where additional risk of several small percentage, not more. According to state revenue over the year and the level of activity in the markets.

Never. We never guarantee a profit or yield in any way. Do not rely on past performance against future performance. Know the risks. We believe that our experience gained over the years with the trading methods developed by us, will provide a positive return over the upcoming years. See the comments of our many customers at our sites over the years.

Of course. We copy to any broker that is compitable with MT4 trading software.


no. All accounts outbound copy of the same order relative amounts of leverage

For example, the main trading account is $50,000 in Master account we will open $ 100,000, that means 2 times leverage copy at all other accounts, opened with the same ratio relative leverage of the client portfolio. Customers with a portfolio of $15,000 copy account will open a deal for 30,000, another example, a customer with a trading account of $5,000 the system will open transactions in the amount of 10,000. Leverage will be the same in all accounts.

The entire dealer can join starting at $ 250 Please note that in order to maximize its best performance we recommend the minimum account to be at least $ 10,000.
No. You can turn off and close your p.c. and take a vacation. We will do all the rest for you.
Yes. the payment for use our copy subscription is paid directly to us. We provide all the connection service and risk / Money managmnet for your MT4 account.
since 2009, that is the year we opened our online room with all the other services.By the year 2013 we started providing our services Globally, worldwide. Till then it was local.
yes. Our goal is first to teach and give real tools to our community traders to trade by them self. For all the trades at signals and copy that we are sending, we provide full explanation for the reasons that we opened this trade. By that, our members can understand and see over and over the same strategy working and having profit consistently. The explanations sending by Photos and videos at our online room meetings (all the meeting are recorded and uploaded to our “members area”).
no. the entire % and the risk/reward are calculating automatically by MQL5 servers. You can deposit and withdraw funds anytime you like.
please cancel your PayPal renew and change your MT4 password (By that our copier cannot copy anymore)

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