Our “copy” service (October 2017)+ EUR Tade

Hello members and friends!

At the next video you can find explanation for the copy service we provide to our priceless members.

Also you will find, how much are important to follow the %23 level.

We are here for any question!

Nys Trading Team



Our results For: 2015.01 / 2017.07 +260.79% Press here to see live >>

*At 2017.07 We moved to another broker for better terms.

Our results For: 2017.07 until today Press here to see live>>

REMEMBER! Trading is all about education and self –discipline. Once you master both, you become a profitable trader and it is our task to bring you there.

Please contact us via our email or WhatsApp and we will contact you back at short time with all the info and the relevant details.

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