Copy members- It’s the time to comeback! 18.09

Hello dear members and friends,
Long time since…
With parts of you I didn’t spoke long time.
Summer is end and soon we will start the last quarter of the year.
We are working hard, and we learned a lot during the last year.
We don’t have any doubts that we will back to plus during Q1 of 2019- And only up!
We are more relaxed, stabilize and focused- that’s for sure, we are more confident and slowly we are recovering the accounts, also we are recovering our mental state of mind.
Personally, I feel very sad because parts of you lost and siting on the fence with their lost. I live with this fact every day, its not only “a business” for me. its much more.
I remind to you that this is a marathon and not a 100 meters run, one of our biggest mistake is to put very high goal for this year (after 2 years over %300+ YTD 17′ 16′).
We learned a lot- Evan after 13 years of trading things can change at few months.
I want you to come back, at list to deep your finger in the water.
We are sure that market terms are changing, there is more liquidity and we are back on the horse after very hard months. Again, we want to believe that we learned a lot for the next years.
Join us. We still have a long year.
I’m here for any question or issue regarding standing your account at (it will take us 48 Hrs.).
We did a lot of mistakes. Let us fix it.

We are not aiming for 5% year profit and that’s have a certain risk- But i know the more years will pass; we will be much stronger at all aspects. The fruits will be sweet.

Members that paid the old copy price, will get the same price, and if we need to help more, talk to us, we will solve it.
Enjoy your Sunday,
Always yours,
Oren Shibet & Nys Trading Team
*The comments are from the last weeks..just to share with you a bit from the energis

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