Copy accounts update 19.04

 Hello dear members and friends,

As we all know, the situation this year is bad, really bad.

We are complaining long time on the low liquidity (volatility) in the market, and by Pepperstone broker article that has been publish at the last days, we are in the lowest point of liquidity in the last 5 years (in your e-mail box you will find the full post).

We are looking to add more trading instruments to our trading besides FX trading.

Starting May month, we will start to trade shares and major indexes (gold, us oil and more), First step, only to FxPro copy members.

OUR COPIER can’t copy shares to other brokers because the symbols are different.

Other copy members that their accounts aren’t in FxPro broker – Please don’t transfer money yet.

At first, we will see how May will go, and if the things will fill and look better, we will ask from you to transfer the money for FxPro. If you can’t do it from any reason, please contact us and we will find a solution. Every member is important to us. Every account is important. Upon the storm we are having in the last years in our copy accounts, we will be here and looking for the future.

The main reason we are doing it it’s because the low volatility in the FX market (in the shares we have high volatility, almost always, for example, check the Us oil chart and see; we can work swing, long terms and much more options to make some money…).

It’s not an easy decision for us, Our home is the Fx market,  but we must think outside the box.

Thank you for the trust, a bit more and we will fix it.

Don’t lose faith.

Always here, Oren & Nys Trading Team

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