Copy accounts update 18.08.28

Hello dear members and friends,

As it seems, September month will be the Euro month.

Monthly candle is very strong reversal sign.

1.2000 Areas at the Eur/ Usd pair will be at our radar.

FYI: when the euro is dynamic, all the market is running.

Two things regarding next month trading:

  1. Our monthly stop will not pass the 8% minus (this is the risk for the month)
  2. We will try to join to the stocks market Rally (at copy + signal)

Please make sure that all your accounts and plans are standing for September first.

New members that want to join to our copy please contact us and we will do at 24 Hrs.

We must focus and comeback to track. The past is the past- We know its not easy.

We can’t fix the past if it will “sit” at our mind in each trade.

Nys Trading Team 

Our copy info >>>

For more information, Please write us from here, we will contact you as soon as we can.

WhatsApp: +448081894449
We wish you all successful trading!
Nys Team

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