Charting Patterns- The most value one’s 07.2018

Hello members and friends,

At the next photos (4) you can see the most value pattern  for our trading method (and the most reliable ones for our opinion).
Please- learn their effect and memorized by heart.
We will discuss in that subject at our next online room meeting.

All the patterns might work at all time frames – But we recommend not to go lower than “Daily chart” (most reliable).

1-3 candles pattern

Shapes pattern

Reversal / Runaway patterns

Uniqe shapes pattern

Important info:
Don’t forget that the technical analysis is only a timing tool (!).
Money management + trading strategy must go hand by hand with the candles set up’s.

Please contact us via our email or WhatsApp and we will contact you back at short time with all the info and the relevant details.

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We wish you all successful trading!
Nys Team


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