AUD USD Forex Signal

AUDUSD is the combination of two currencies of two different countries; Australia and United States. Here, AUD (Australia Dollar) is the base currency, and USD (United States Dollar) is the counter currency. A buy signal on AUD USD forex signal means buying the AUD and Selling USD at the same time. Trading the AUDUSD is also referred to as trading the “Aussie”.

AUDUSD Trade Signal

At Nys Trading our AUD USD forex signal is just like every other signal we offer on other pairs. We base our analysis on both fundamental and technical analysis.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental data such as interest rate, minutes of executive meetings coming from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) will have a tremendous effect on the AUD/USD pair. Also, fundamental data such as interest rate and minutes of Federal executive meetings from the United States will also have an effect on which direction AUD/USD will move (south or north).

Technical Analysis

Like every other technical analysis, our AUD USD forex signal analysis are centered around major psycho, resistance and support levels; price action around these levels form the basis with which we decide to either sell or buy.

It has been proven by experienced technical analyst of the forex market that the forex chart is actually a reflection of the fundamental data being release from the economies of the pair being traded.

This is why prior to the release of a major news, our technical analysts already know where to set pending orders and sometimes the trade calls prior to these news might even be instant execution based on price action at major confluence levels prior to the release of the data.

What do I get in the AUDUSD signal?

Nys Trading sends charts and fundamental analysis stating reasons why we are either buying or selling AUDUSD. The AUD USD forex signal could be an instant execution or pending order; it will state the following;

Instant Execution: This is the price our subscribers are expected to either sell or buy for instant execution or pending orders. Our instant execution will state the entry price (at current market price), stop loss and take profit (exit point).

Pending Orders: This is a signal that subscribers are expected to set the entry price, stop loss and take profit and expect that market gets to the entry price. Once the market gets to the entry price, the order is filled automatically. Our pending orders can be a buy stop, buy limit, sell limit and sell stop.

Are there updates on the Signals?

Yes! For our AUD/USD forex signals, we provide updates as the condition of the market changes, and sometimes we may decide to exit even when we have made some profit, we can decide to send an update to close the trade before our target is reached. This happens if there is any likelihood that the market may turn against us.

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