Capital Market Trading – Step by Step

The decision that you want to be independent trader in the capital market? You’re asking to manage your portfolio yourself?

After the initial phase of the decision, the steps which should begin to trade independently on the capital market?

Frankly, if I know the answer to that question when I started to trade, and may my learning process was not long and I was not losing extra funds.

For those of you who intend to enter the investment I made several points that require reference:

Free time

One should not underestimate about friends, trading is a difficult profession, at least in the early stages (some members argue that down the road is difficult).

I’ve written another article that takes time to acquire a new profession.

We all know that you need to learn a number of good years to be a lawyer / doctor / pilot / architect etc.

Ever wondered why all studies take so many years and more costly?

I believe the answer is simple: to enjoy the “fruits” of this or that area, should invest in the whole being. This is true many times in the area of trade, where not all “professionals” indeed “professionals” – the vast majority of traders lose over time.

One of the more outrageous things I encountered, it is the ease with which traders refer to the area,

Sometimes it seems to me that most of the traders are learning support / resistance lines, Fibonacci bar lift and a straight run to deposit money.

In the context of this issue, it is important to remember that devote at least two years of technical analysis studies.

Financial capability

You’ve heard the phrase “to risk money that you can only jeopardize” – the importance of this issue is great.

Capital market, have to risk only money that you can lose.

None of us likes to lose, but you need to allocate an initial sum of money trading that if you lose it, do not hurt your personal life (beyond a sense of disappointment and shattered ego, absorptive mind are a necessary part of the learning process).

For example, if you thought renovate the house, replace the vehicle, take the kids to school and more money -This is not endangered – world.

For those of you that little (well, a bit is relative) free money, it is better that the prior budget and the amount with which you start with you’re done – we have pre-set “boundaries” financial, trade and life in general.

If this is not the time for you to invest, to invest another sink …

Trading money “important” impact on your ability to analyze objectively the price. It will make you a sense of discomfort and feeling of lack of control (quite analogous to the feeling I get when betting).

In most cases the result will be difficult: a significant loss in the investment portfolio and the entire portfolio loss.


There are a number of options, (no specific order of importance of writing):

1.kors comprehensive one Hmcllot- Today, more than ever, almost every economic browsing the site, will be exposed to the ad or another course of study in the capital market trading.

Most courses offer you between 6-12 sessions of 3 to 4 hours one thing.


If you learn through an accredited college, you will get general information long on the capital market, an extensive literature, details and a detailed explanation of all of the financial instruments (stocks, forex, options, etc.), In addition you will also receive support (during the course) from college when you will need.

It also unfolds in front of you the possibility to meet other traders to share experiences and ask questions.


The rate is not personal, some students arrive with no information as part of what is sometimes delayed the pace of progress and the lack of personal attention per student (per person has different absorption capacity).

No tools providing “real” in front of the screen.

Course cost: $ 1,000 to $ 6,000 (depending on the number of classes, instructors type and period of study)

Personal-2.aimon main difficulty, in my opinion, the channel this study is to find a personal trainer who besides being a merchant within a short period of time, know also identify the weaknesses of the student, to move the material correctly and match the student trade (which shares / the student currencies trade at first, adjusting working hours student’s personal life and more).


Getting real tools in front of the screen (ie trading strategies that work and historical tested and are now operating with real money, not blood), personal relationships beyond the hours of study, preliminary guidance opening transactions in the first months.

It is important that someone professionally engaged in trading for a living and job security accompanied the first steps in the field.


No meetings with other merchants, the material received generally will be limited to a specific field, it is difficult to find a good trader divide his tools per person free fitting on the other hand, if any.

The cost of training: can range from $ 2,000 to 10,000 $

3.rst Internet: before me you lifts them back, I will note that I have, the vast majority of knowledge is acquired through the network (and of course you need to check out what the trading system, then look at a period of trial and error), wandering in various forums, reading articles and downloading E-BOOKS on Subject trade Shareware (to find out).

Google ran ahead of me and you begin to read the technical analysis and Fondmntali (referring to economic data being published), stop a moment.

There is much material on the network, but there is little substance redundant, confusing and misleading.

Wisdom in the eyes is to check new things all the time to formulate the method of your regular job,

(Speaking of that, I will just note that no fixed trading system has been tested and positive plates statistics over time, your income will all cases).

Forums are great places to exchange experiences, especially abroad (not to make a mistake, you’ll find most professional material will be in English, must be taken into account self-study).


This form of learning is more suited L”autodidakt “among you who are taking the matter seriously and are willing to study scratching his scalp often do not understand the new material.

Advantages: Free multi-material, convenience in terms of hours, the rate of progress by personal exposure to long.


Exposure to long demanded by “filtering” the duty of fluency in English, dealing with the learning process more difficult in other ways, accepting that they are frequently missing glue “that binds the puzzle.

Cost: Many coffee cups and electricity

4.hdri trading on Lien through this study could be a solution for those who do not have the time or desire to leave the house, those who prefer to move forward hand in hand with room guide and consulting transactions with any given time (depending on the course during the activity room).

In addition, where you can exchange thoughts and ideas with other traders trade, see Making deals “online”

And ask all the questions that arise on your mind.


Negligible cost high-benefit, there is no need to leave the house, suitable personal life (there are overseas trading rooms operate 24 hours straight, as far as I knew the country until 00:00 at the latest) .kblt much material with respect for the student’s exposure limits, most rooms also provide sell signals friends.


There is no basis for trade which is in my opinion a major part (locating and identifying types of trends, basic settings and many other issues are essential to understand the price movement).

In most cases, “run” in the room too fast, and sometimes “uncomfortable” questions.

Monthly costs:

From $ 50 to $ 300 (to my knowledge there is no room Online Land charges more than $ 150 per month of participation fees, costs more expensive abroad relative to Israel)

In conclusion, the capital market trading can be fun and profitable operating conditions provides the right pace, devoting that time, in-depth reading of new materials (even if you learn in college or private training room or on-line), try strategies and the sentence be serious deserves!

Remember: Fools rush in, be sure to check the costs of courses, ask the right questions, be thirsty for knowledge and get recommendations ups ranged since learned already.

It is also important to set “boundaries” statements in advance and be mentally ready to invest quite a …

If this article helped at least one run dealer and deposit money without preliminary study, the goal was achieved.

Successful trading,

Nys Trading

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