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Hello members and friends!

One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute William Feather.
How was your April?
Us..? It’s another story..We were so sure regarding Dollar weakness…It was at the wall for us,
At the end, it was worth it, during the roller coaster we been throw, we almost cause to us to work harder this year to fix the damage, at the end of April, the winners, took it all,
And our copy members were big winners. That’s was from our side.
Form the market side…ho boy, one big mess, new High at NASDAQ, the British pound is hitting almost 1.3000 (we ask to buy at 1.21 levels early this year), The US OIL is searching direction, Trump’s new tax reform at the back round, and if that’s not enough, the stock market is bullish almost 8.5 years! Officially data show that Dow jones did the best run at 4 month at the last 120 years that we are counting!  >>>

Most of March was slow, very slow…Until last weekend, what a Gap’s!
If sellers had thoughts to sell the stock market, the NASDAQ index punished them immediately.
The EUR/ USD open at 1.0870 (1.0950 hit during April month) and did over 170 pips gap at the last weekend of the month.
The S&P 500 Index hit the 2400 points, since then we saw that the investors are still holding and it seems to us that the market want to ask all time new high.
With all the respect that we have for the 2 bars low pattern that April monthly candle provide, we need strong signs even to imagine sell the stock market:


USD/ CAD is braking 6 month high – Hand by hand with the US OIL 
The correlation between the US oil and Canadian currency are very high (Oil price up +USD/ CAD CHART GO down,
mean the Canadian dollar is getting stronger).
As we saw at the last weeks, the OUS Oil cannot hold the $50.00 area and at the last week of April the OIL closed at $49.30, for us,
it is going great with the USD/ CAD brake, here is our Monthly view for the USD/ CAD and US Oil:
And that’s the US Oil:

The British pound has been woke up
And hits 1.3000 At the first time since September 2016, as we can see it, the fundamental data at the Kingdom, the rate that been changed,
the Brexit and the overall Dollar weakness, doing only good for the Sterling.
To achieve 1.3000 and more the price will need to keep the 1.2750 area, under this area, we might see spike and not clear market,
we will update next day’s/ weeks at our members area:

EUR/ USD – 3 Years of downwards trend line has been broke   
Most of April was slow, boring and really exhausting for us (we need to provide signals and we barely funded some good ones, all set ups was expensive).
Big gap at the weekend cause the market get nuts last days of the month, we want to see continuation for 1.1200 areas and more during May/ June months.
The big range of 1.05/1.10/1.15 still relevant, notice the GBP did new high against the Dollar and the EUR/USD isn’t:

USD/JPY Monster Hammer or it is only a fake

Very strong and persisted buyers we saw at the 110.00 Japanese for one US Dollar.
The combination of the big round number + The Japanese crosses (GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY) cause the currency to hold and even to close the month as a nice Pin bar,
now we need to see if it ral one.
If the stock market will continue to push up, it will be very hard to ask weal Japanese.
112.00 Area will be important for continuation to 115.00 areas and might more upon now it’s hard to see more than 115.00 areas if and when:

AUD/ USD At monthly triangle
And by that affect also the NZD/ USD. This time we will ask to focus at daily trading, only if one of the side will break at future,
we will open expose, for now, this price environment not clear for swing trading:

Dollar index broke weekly trend line after 3 years
This is not bullish sign.
Add to that the European pairs that wish to do new highs, so for us it will be sell US DOLLAR only.
Seems to us that he lost his steam, for now, all May we will ask to sell it after spike up:  
If we will see any change, we will update at the online room and via our daily analysis videos:

For the senior members at our group, we tough you will find this double bottom might interesting for you, we will discuss on it later this week. If you act and open expose (Buy only, after you will get set up from the chart), do it small and later on the month increase after confirmations:

At our signals, we got more then 235+ pips at April (Low capacity, unfortunately, not too much signals). But we still satisfied, it was not was easy month.

At Copy / Mirror accounts we achieved 45.33%+ yield at April after we “visited” -16% and we could close worse than this, they decision we took upon our experience, was payoff.
Total 2017: 109.21%+ yield. 
*We are managing over $315K live accounts for our members
 *We finished 2016 with 93.06%+ to our clients / members
Read here and see live resulrs:  Copy service info

This coming week goals
Each week, we’ll stick with the most popular destinations, 100+ pips at signals (we will not say no if the market will give more…),
And between 3%+ – 5%+ yield target months for replicating portfolios (copy monthly goal).
New members, please fill free to ask us questions during the week,
You can always contact us regarding any question via phone / WhatsApp or email.
This week only, we will come back to our normal routine at Tuesday (local holiday here) at 07:00 A.M. London time for our first meeting of the day.
Members: The link for “May” online room will wait for you under “Daily info” page at 17.05.03
We wish to all of our member’s friends and clients to have a great week with many profits!

Cheers! Nys Trading Team

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We wish you all successful trading!
Nys Team


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