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Hello members and friends,

As we know last days of the August month are the most non supporting trading due the low liquidity.
Because this reason, and also beacuse our poor performance at the copy accounts, will be better to hold this week and not to trade.
We need do the best we can to improve our performance. We must ignore the past and to come back to our track.
We will  be back to our normal activity with “Weekly video” at Sunday next week.

We started the summer (July 18′) with EUR/ USD price at 1.1685.
Please look here to see the tough range. Fx Market is not in his best years…

Our last copy update:

*Copy members, at September, we must back to track.
We will do all we can. It’s making us also very upset the situation.

Enjoy your last day’s of the summer (and before school..).

For more information, Please write us from here, we will contact you as soon as we can.

WhatsApp: +448081894449
We wish you all successful trading!
Nys Team



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