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Trading since 2009…

That’s right, since 2009, employing a Unique Price Action Strategy that shows Consistent Profits. That’s what sets us apart.

Nys Trading is Unique in not only the way we trade, but also in our Attitude, in our Approach. While we are happy in providing services and making Positive Returns, for those that want more, an Education, we do that as well.

Nys Trading provides the following services:

Member Benefits

Global Services

It does not matter where you are. We provide services Worldwide.

Signals FX and CFD Signals

The best you will find.

Copy Service

We Trade for You! That simple. And we will provide you returns. So you can relax.

Trading on Major Assets

Whatever it is…Forex,CFDs, Commodities…

Daily Analysis

To bring you up to speed (remember we want to educate you)

Monthly Newsletters

A recap of the month’s highlights

Online Trading Room Access

Learn from our traders first hand. Participate, ask questions, get involved.


Yes, we’re serious about educating you.


Articles, Blogs, etc. Did we say we want to educate you? You bet we do.


FX and CFD Signals.  The best!

Market Dependent.  We advise when to open, when to close. And we signal during European and US sessions only.

We trade the Currencies, Indices, Stock, Commodities, etc… all on your mobile phone

Join our 10 day Free Trial and you will get Free Signals as well as Explanatory Charts & Videos to your Mobile Phone, Online + Full Access to our Members Area.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, sometimes these signals may not be convenient. If this is the situation, Contact Us.


We will Trade for You via our Nys VIP Copy Service

We will automate your account with our operations. Everything will be synchronized.

Our Copy Service includes:

  • Orders
  • Stops
  • Profits
  • Leverage
  • Everything
  • Every Action

Activity in Your Account will be In Sync with Our Operations.

You will have Transparency

Money Management 3-5% monthly return on trades. Our performance speaks for itself.

Daily Analysis (Webinars)

For Traders, Performing a Daily Analysis is the Most Important Thing to do before a trader starts their day.

For Positive Outcomes…




These are the key elements.

Note that we provide tools to our traders on a daily basis, in our “Members Area”

We provide Daily and Weekly Analysis Reports on Europe and the US.

Short Trading Videos with Strategy Explanations, Live Trades and more.

Monthly Newsletters

You will find:

  • Key Information for the Coming Month
  • Major Assets Analysis (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, S&amp, P500, US OIL, etc.)
  • Data Analysis
  • Trade Ideas with Chart Interpretation
  • Signals and Copy Performance Summary for the previous month
  • Tips, Gift Updates and much more…

Trading Video

Learn our Trading Style, including our:

  • Unique Techniques
  • Trade Ideas
  • Market Thoughts

We discuss:

  • Mental Behavior of Traders (and Pitfalls to Avoid)
  • Trading Strategies
  • Money Management; and
  • Much More

Over 150 hours of Trading Videos

Online Trading Room (Live Sessions)

Be a fly on the wall… and Be Part of our Trading Room.

Be part of the Action. Look into our Trading Room, past the Charts, and the Prices, and be among the analysts in the room.

You will:

See it!

Breath it!

Smell it!

Learn As It Happens 

Technical Analysis

From budding traders to the experienced, we are consistently updating this page.

We are happy to assist with any enquiries you may have on our education programs, etc.


We publish articles covering Interesting Events and News Stories that Affect the Markets

We offer more Trading Tools and Advice

Trading Course

Learn to Trade with us! Here! Now!

Trading since 2009, we have accumulated extensive knowledge in trading that we will share with you.

We will Educate you.

Gain Trading Experience through us.

Realize your Financial Profits and Freedom!

Contacts Us. And make it happen.

What are you waiting for?

Open your 10 days free trial account now. Do not lose the opportunity to start making profits and to learn how to become a successful trader!


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