2k18 Realty- It will pass 18.08

Hello dear members and friends,
We are sure you asked yourself “why at this year everything is going hard with the trading?”
We will try to answer on this question with one chart only, that will show to you how much the trading range are getting smaller and smaller at the last years.
This situation is because the low rates that long time central banks all over are using 0 rate (or near to it) to keep inflation at the right range and this is another reason to the crazy RALLY at stocks for the last 10 years..
It will pass- We know by our experience (only 13 years off trading) that the market has sessions and times. It’s a business. There are good (or great) years, and bad.

This is the trader way.

Many traders finding them self-changing strategies and much more- We think it’s wrong.
We all should wait for better times that will come. History of Wall Street never lies.
From one side, the wish to correct the first half that all went wrong to us, from the other side, market is not giving options to do come back.
It’s still long year, 5 month (without August) are enough time to make money-
But all of us must be aware to the water level that we are swimming and fix our expectations.
Nys Trading Team

Here is the chart that will show all the info, take a minute to learn it:


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