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Welcome to our Online room!

Our Online Trading Room consists of computer software (web based) where members can be a fly on the wall… and Be Part of our Trading Room.

Look into our Trading Room, past the charts, and the prices, and be among the analysts in the room.

You will:

Hear The Analysts

Know What They Are Thinking

Ask Them Questions


Learn It As It Is Happening .

Create An Open Discussion on Capital Market Trading and on other topics related to the industry. Members often ask technical questions during this time.

Entry to our Trading Room is issued to all members every week for the Week’s Trading.


While Trading we:

Analyse Various Assets

Teach Our Own Unique Trading Strategies

Answer Questions by Members

Show Methods and Provide Detailed Explanation on Managing your Finances and Maintaining Your Focus (very important in Capital Market Trading).


You will see that while the technical analysis is very important, self-discipline and the ability to cope mentally (and focus) is just as important, if not more so.

All Classes and Meetings held in the Trading Room are Recorded and are Uploaded to our Members Area>>>. Notifications of these are provided via email.


These services are provided to Members Only.

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We wish you all successful trading!
Nys Team

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