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Key are’s at price action trading

Hello members and friends, Here is quick explanation regarding “Price action trading”. We hope this video will be helpful. Patience to wait for the right time is necessary, also to start with small trade amount and to increase with the move. We are here for any help! Nys Trading Team 

Our “copy” service (October 2017)+ EUR Tade

Hello members and friends! At the next video you can find explanation for the copy service we provide to our priceless members. Also you will find, how much are important to follow the %23 level. We are here for any question! Nys Trading Team   LIVE RESULTS BY MQL5: Our results […]

Dollar index- last 30 years and today

Helle members and friends!   Where do we go from here? And where to invest at 2018? All answers in this video. Enjoy your watching! Nys Trading Team 

EUR/ USD Daily pin bar Trade, Aug. 30

Hello members and friends! After long rest and waiting for a good set up, it’s showed! At the next video you can find explanation for the signal we sanded yesterday. We are here for any question! Nys Trading Team  

Dollar index Weekly view, July 24

Hello friends and members! Get ready for hot summer! Channel area will open a new wave, we hope! Nys Trading Team *We strongly recommend watching through a computer screen rather than a mobile  

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