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Here we show you our Trading Style, including our:

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In our Online Room and Webinars, we discuss:

Mental Behaviour of Traders (and Pitfalls to Avoid)

Trading Strategies

Money Management; and

Much More

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We are asking from all our members to join us/ watch 18.01.25

Hello members, It is important for us that ALL our members will watch this video. If you will not be able, please watch it laetr the week. “Daily video meeting” 2018.01.25 Thank you, we will speak later it, Oren & the team   

After a war- back to plus! 18.01

Trading is all about education and self –discipline. Once you master both, you become a profitable trader and it is our task to bring you there. Please contact us via our email or WhatsApp and we will contact you back at short time with all the info and the relevant […]

Our first trade at copy for 2018! 18.01.04

Hello members and friends! This was a great opening! Here is 5 Min. video that will show to you how our copy system is working. Have a great year! From our side, we will do our best! Trading is all about education and self –discipline. Once you master both, you […]

Personal video from us..Happy new year!

Hello members and friend! It was amazing year. We couldn’t ask more. Perfect 12 month of profits. Now we will rest, and comeback refresh as new! Thank you again for the endless trust at our team! Nys Trading Team 

2017 Summarize> Welcome 2018 *Open webinar

Hello friend and members,  Today, at Thursday 5:00 P.M. UK Time, we will have 30 minutes of presentation, live webinar.  At the webinar we will summarize 2017 year, and our expectations for 2018 year. You are all invited! The webinar is open and free! Here is the link for registration: […]

Last trade for 2017- And what a sweet finala!

Merry Christmas! At the end of the video you will find our Christmas offer! Nys Trading Team  

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