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Our copier – How does it work

Hello Members and friends, At the next short video you will find out more regarding our “copier” system and how does it work. If you want to join our “Copy” service, please press here >>>

Bitcoin value…

*By CNBC Who know? maybe one day we will buy or sell him… >>>

Trump Drives Down Dollar

By “Market watch” And we are saying..First will come the set up, And after it..The news >>>

Holidays and summer time at the markets

Hello friends,  We are before summer, Easter holiday and slow days… We think that every trader needs to know those facts, hope this article will assist with better market view. Traders have issue with 2 types of market price move: 1. fast 2. Slow both of them are a result […]

Wow…just wow.

“Market watch”: “Dow 21,000 matches the fastest 1,000-point march in history” Remember when the Dow hit 20,000 back on Jan. 25?  >>>

Price forces

If you were to ask me how to trade in the capital market, the answer to that one to me was: “This is who is more dominant now, the bears or the bulls and accordingly, acted”. There are many slogans in the field of trading and technical analysis, one of […]

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